Software upgrade done this morning - any errors here please / Blog removed

I did a minor software upgrade this morning. They're normally not a problem but if you notice any problems please post them here.

As part of the upgrade I removed the blogs which, like ARRSE, were just becoming a spam magnet and a place to post forum threads by mistake.
Last 50 tells me that there are 3 or 4 pages but, when i click on page 2 for instance it always comes up as "sorr y no matches?"
Have you had a chance yet to have a look at the DII(F)/ Rum Ration issue previously posted by a couple of us? It's odd because Arrse is OK but try reading a RR thread and IE freezes completely!
We have just tried the site on an Army DII laptop and all is well, if dog slow. Unfortunately that makes it quite hard to bug fix!

The only difference that I can think of that would cause browser crashes / freezes is the chat bar thing. I've turned that off - can you tell me if that fixes the issue?


In order to engage people in intellectual conversation via the medium of Private Messages (drawing cock pictures and sending them to Blackrat), where do I go?

The bar at the bottom of the screen with 'Who is online' etc is no longer on my screen (netbook running Google Chrome).
What Cúnt said, same for me at home on a PC and at work on pussers workstation (not Dii).
Mmmm.... don't think I was clear as the answer would be the same one **** got. I turned off the chat bar to see if it would cure the DII problem, so it is not going to be there at all on any computer. This has cured the DII issue so we will need to get a new chat package.
Possible problem with Merge:

"You have not specified a valid URL for the thread that you want to merge. Please check that the URL includes a valid thread id, "t=xxx" or postid, "p=xxx" (where xxx is a number), and is not a redirect."
Still got problem with "Likes" ... doesn't seem to work for me! Also runnign very slow with "Waiting for website" message displayed waiting to refresh / open a page.


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Another nitpick - the 'First Unread Post' button returns not the first unread post but the post at the head of the page containing it.

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