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Today’s lesson comes from the Gospel of Nabob, son of Pabob, that scrounging bastard of the desert

And it came to pass that one day

Nabob espied the king’s daughter bathing

And she espied Nabob, saying unto him

“Wouldst thou like some tea ?”

and Nabob asked "what manner of T"

And the Princess said, "c u n T”

so Nabob partook to such an extent that he fucked the arse off her

And it came to pass that the King's daughter was heavy with Nabob's child

And the King grew extremely wrath

throwing Nabob into the den of lions

Whereupon Nabob took hold of his right bollock and threw it over his left shoulder

Then his left bollock over his right shoulder

And did smite the lion a fearful blow

In the confusion made good his escape, into the desert.

Whereupon Nabob was hunted by the King

who called on him to come forth.

But Nabob, the filthy uncircumcised bastard,

tripped on his foreskin and came fifth.

Thus it came to pass that Nabob was captured by the king and 40,000 soldiers.

Whereupon Nabob did picketh up camel shit

And hurled it at the King

“Sh*t !” cried the King,

And 40,000 a*holes strained under the desert sun

For out there the King's word was law.

“F*ck me” cried the Queen,

And thousands were killed in the rush.

All except an old man sitting quietly by a rock

who ragged, bagged and shagged Nabob,

who was last seen wandering away,

lamenting in a high pitched voice.

Here endeth the lesson.
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