Sods' Operas the female version

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by hobbit, Jul 10, 2007.

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  1. Given the crude , clever and often obscene nature of the sods' opera Jack style and no doubt similar in the other services is there a female species of this practice . Is there a ' sing sing or show yer ring ' sort of thing ? with glasses of beer hurled at the offending ' ring piece . The imagination runs riot at the thought of this happening but I'm sure it does . Anyone game to let the pussy out of the bag ?
  2. I have no idea

    In this modern navy do they still have sod's opera's or are they long gone and buried due to PC

    I reckon the RN must be pretty shite now, can not wander along the Burma road in the nud and flip flops,

    No sods operas (I do not know) or if so, so PC and unable to take the piss out of current situations or ociffers on board, or even the ociffers take the piss out of well known ratings,

    It must be very sad or boring, weeks on Beira patrol and all building up routines for the sods opera made jack happy
    Or maybe Jack is "very" happy on the lurv boat

    Can they still have crossing the line ceremonies or would coconuts as tits on King Canutes assistants cause offence?

    As a sparker we used to set up radio telephone calls, at the end of the trip we had awards
    The golden wallet went to the Josh, as he made the most and expensive calls
    The tight arse award, five words fourty seconds "just take the money love"
    The honeymoon award gurgle sweet nothings and pay five quid (in those days a lot of dosh)
    And the cryptic award, always spoke in french and code to his wife and later appeared on the front page of the News Of The World, and is now in jail
    And good old Portishead Radio, have a freebie op, five minutes chat to the missus, good on you thanks
    (I expect this would breach confidentiality now)
  3. Here is HMS Edinburgh crossing the line Sunday just gone and they have a sods opera planned for when they leave The Canaries.So hopefully that puts that question to bed !!


  4. Far too P.C. now ! - Hence the anti "flash" gear then !
  5. Here is my boy getting his come uppance and also a rare photo of King Neptune as well.

    Notice the female species in the background also enjoying this ceremony !!

    Also my son was force fed a ball of Cloves, garlic,and allsorts of spices and then Chilli pastry was forced into his mouth and then he was Shaved under duress!!
    In writing to my MP this minute about this cruel treatment of an innocent Junior Sailor who is only trying to do his job! (Well thats what he tells me anyway !!!!!!!!!!!!)


  6. Now that's much better ! - Nurse in attendance seems strangely familiar from behind !
  7. Nicks, favour please. Can you pass on my regards to Dave Thompson (Lt). Just say it's from the guy who gave him his Fly rod. Look forward to seeing him in a couple of weeks.

    Semper Strenuissima
  8. OK certain traditional ceremonies are still practised and that's good but the original question remains , are ' sods operas ' part of life in female services canteens or similar where females only gather . No big deal but it seems the female of the species reacts in an interesting manner when exposed to male strippers and no I'm not a male stripper and I've never been to a male strip show . Just wondered.
  9. Have passed your message onto the boy. :thumright:
  10. Nicks, TVM.

    Keep Striving

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