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Come on all you guys still serving.. us "old farts" can probably remember some spanking sods operas from our time which would find the funny and take the piss out of anything and anybody.

In this day of political corretcness where the wimps appear to rule, has this old navy tradition now died or are you c haps and chappesses still maintaing the standards ?


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Sods Operas did die a death for a few years in the 90s, after the dcumentry on the Brill was broadcast(not that I'm suggesting a link between the 2 events).


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So the SOs have now gone. There is truly nothing sacred but I suppose with all the modern forms of entertainment it was predictable. Great times in the old canteen with some of the words very clever, Eton Boating Song for example. This old hat of mine was funny but the one that still amazes me is the DOTFA. I cannot understand how anyone would do this apart from the danger but very amusing providing you are not the one with the daily paper up his issit. Yes, the DOTFA was a real scorcher,


PS I often wondered if the female side of the services had a similar outlet to express their pent up emotions. The mind boggles at the prospect of the Dance of the Flaming whatsit. Still, some like it hot,

:lol: :lol: :lol:

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SODS Operas aren't dead. In light of the HMS Brilliant series, which sent recruiting levels plummeting, it was decided to put the lid on these events. Really, who could blame the Admiralty? It was one of the worst SODS Operas I have ever seen and the biggest humour black-hole going. There's a distinct difference between being wry, sardonic and clever and being homourless, venal and insulting. Don't get me wrong, some of the lasses on there deserved it, but a small amount of control, in front of a BBC director who would eventually use anything he could to cast a shite angle on the military would have been a godsend. You can do sketches which hit the mark, make everyone piss their pants and the intended targets get the message. Writing shit doggerel and passing it off as entertainment is just asking for a slap from the top.

SODS Operas do exist these days, but usually under the pseudomyn of 'Deployment Review'. I have partaken in, stage managed and co-orinated quite a lot both before and after the official clampdown. I have seen (young uns, in particular) approach me with ideas for sketches which either have no chance of coming to fruition ('Yeah, we can do this as a rap over some music...' ' got the music?' '...erm, no,' '...well, you can't ******* do it then, can you?') to sketches which involve buckets of piss and shit and a lot of belief that the XO would happily have his head dunked in it just for the sake of the show. My trade was learned from the old hands who came up with ingenious ideas involving pussers blankets, maskers, ladies underwear (always available on a warship) and gashbags. I have built 200 square feet of stage with footlights (inverted bean cans with a gangway necklace running through them) from 18mm marine ply, 4x4 DC timber and beer barrels and also rigged curtains and overhead lighting (with a screen to one side that showed a live camera feed for those at the back). It's a trade in itself, and I hope that those who have partaken in shows I have been involved with will go onto their subsequent drafts and never say 'It can't be done'. Looking out over a flightdeck full of happy people after a night of entertainment generated from the minds and hands of matelots and know that they will dit-on about it for years to come is reward in itself.

The one thing that stands in the way of these is self-image, and many lads these days are shit-scared of losing credibility when asked to dress up as a lass and act the **** in front of the harem. It's a sign of the times, but not the end of the world...



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I was present at the brilliants last Sods Opera, and trust me, most of it was as witty and original as any other. The event that was broadcast bore very little relation to the event I attended. I've learnt not to trust fly on the wall documentries since then!

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