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In 1968 at a Sods' Opera half way between Snoekie (Simonstown) and Beira Patrol we put on a sketch called Singing Defaulters. The melodies were from all over (some Gilbert and Sullivan). Now I can only remember snatches of it:

Enter the Bloke. Sings:

The Commander of the ship
Is a mine of information,
And he keeps himself informed
Of the current situation.
When he’s about
Petty Officers shout
Get along, get along get a move on ..

Enter Father. Sings:

I am the Captain bold,
Of this magnificent ship.
I rise from my bed about noon,
I sleep in the afternoon;
And in between
I serve my Queen,
The finest Captain ever seen:
I’ll be an admiral soon.

Defaulter shambles up:

When you come to the end of a perfect blind ..
… come to and find
That you’ve lost almost half your kit ..

The Crusher salutes:

I am an R P O
Of language frewity.
Last night at twelve o’clock
I was on Dewity ..

Does anyone know the rest of this? Contributions of even parts of this most welcome. And any ideas on how old the original is?
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