SODS Opera - Pompey 1 Aug 2010

We've just had an email from a gentleman named Tug Wilson:

A Naval Review, A Right Rum Do, Hands to Dance and Skylark...
A Re-creation of a typical Royal Naval SODS Opera as it would have been, with a cast of service members and surprise special guests. A night of hilarious comedy and sing-along all in the aid of service charities. One of the liveliest and happiest shows of them all in a fabulous production that leaves other SODs in its shadow. You'll leave this with more stitches that you would A&E!

Tickets £20 - £15 - £10. Concessions.



Lantern Swinger
Good CO, any chance of putting this on the ARRSE site? I'm sure there are plenty of brown jobs living in the Pompey area who would be up for it ................. it would certainly be an eye-opener for some!
Why is this still a sticky months after the event has ended?

The Quarterdeck is so full of outdated stickies that it takes forever to get to any new postings.
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