Sods Opera on Line.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Nicks, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. It seems that Sods Operas are no longer PC so I thought I would start one on here.

    Here are a few Stokers from HMS Antrim Med Commision 1975 doing there bit for us.

    The stoker on the right is POMEM Ken Slater,utter madman,but an all round good egg,
  2. I have the very same Phot in the Med deloyment book. Spent a few watches with Ken when I was a baby Tiff on the throttles. The 'Hag' was often Chief of the Watch, Uncle Ken Ingram the FCPO. Happy days when I had hair & a 5 month deployment around the Med. Were you a Stokie boy, if so that will be 3Q mess then!
  3. Anyone for the 824 Floral Dance? :thumright:


  4. No I was a baby Greenie next door to you in 3P Mess.

    If your memory is still clearish,I was the young lad who had about 5,000 pen pal letters after getting my letter posted in the News Of The World,and my god we must have had the best gronk boards in the whole fleet !!

    They all used to start there letters to me; Dear CEM, thats a funny first name !!
  5. Never forget the opening line to one of the sketches we did onboard the Iron Duke.....

    'it was the sixth day of the weekly planning meeting, and the XO still hadnt decided what steward was going to make the tea!'

    At that point said XO had sense of humour failure and left....ha ha
  6. Could do with a few of the old songs posted on here if possible !!

    The Lobster song would be good for starters :thumright:

    The Lobster Song

    Fisherman fisherman
    home from the sea
    have you got a lobster
    you can sell to me?

    Singing aye-tiddly aye,
    S**t or bust,
    Never let your b*****ks dangle in the dust

    Oh yes sir, yes sir
    I have three
    and the biggest of the b*****ds
    I shall sell to thee


    So I took the lobster home
    and I couldn't find a dish
    so I put it in the place
    where the missus has a piss


    In the middle of the night
    as you well know,
    the missus she got up
    to let the waters flow


    Well the missus gave a groan
    and the missus gave a grunt
    and there's the f***ing lobster
    hanging from her c**t


    So the missus grabbed a brush
    and then I grabbed a broom
    and we chased the f***ing lobster
    all around the room


    Well we hit it on the head
    and we beat it on the side
    and we hit the f***ing lobster
    until the b*****d died


    The moral to this story
    it is this,
    Always have a shufty
    before you have a piss

  7. Nicks there is a full thread of them somewhere.

  8. Oi, where did you get that phot of my wedding. I spent all night sewing that beautiful yellow frock! :biggrin:

    Ah the days when I had flowing golden locks..... o the days when I had HAIR!!! :eek:
  9. Cinderella from the CPO Mess on Manchester on the way home from the Gulf in 1991.

    I am an Ugly Sister............. :afro:





    Though some say I am an Ugly FcUker :snorting:

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