Sods Opera on HMS ARK ROYAL

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by flynavy, Dec 14, 2009.

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  1. Forgive the video quality but this was sods opera on Ark Royal the last one before wrens came onboard! Whilst you are there i will be adding more sods opera vids just waiting for them to upload.

    Having a poo RN style
  2. Quality, we did same one on Chatham.

    Happy days.
  3. Funny as fook.
  4. Joined my first ship in DSC which had a SODS opera a week or two later whilst at sea. Working 1 in 3 West Country routine I had the long morning. Thought I'd go to bed instead of watching it as I'm sure that these events are quite common.

    That was my first and last chance of seeing a SODS opera in 13 years in the mob.
    Seenoff2fcuk ...grumble ....
  5. Sods Opera on ANDROMEDA Chrimbo 86.

    S&S mess. Our version of "Jack and the Beerstalk" will be forever ingrained in my mind. At least the bits I can remember.

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