Sodding Weather

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Sumo, Nov 22, 2012.

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  1. Sodding weather
    Just doing that W stuff and we have had 2 power cuts in the last 30 mins, good job I was doing some paper work so everything had auto backed up, somewhere not so lucky:evil2: weather
  2. Teach you to be out in the boondocks which have only just got Christianity, Drinking Water and the Dreaded Plastic Gnome Cult! Here we have nice big Back Up Gennies (as against Big Jenny's ... got a few of them too :thumright:) ... mind at the moment other than its blowing a hoolie its nice and sunny! Enjoy!
  3. One of the Torpoint ferries has just snapped a chain, down to one ferry and a 1 hour wait but doesn't affect me. Tamar bridge is shut to high sided vehicles, motorbikes and caravans so on a plus side Rummers won't be visiting (where's he got to, anyway). It's getting a tadge blustery down here innit.
  4. I was thinking that!, he vanishes and a load of lady boy window lickers appear
  5. Yep see across the top of Southway down towards Bodmin, looks crap, I think we saw the sun briefly yesterday.

    On the way in yesterday one of the roads flooded but passable, today small lorry went through too fast and literally flooded his engine, road half blocked with lorry forcing other vehicles under police control through the deeper water, sodding white van drivers (white lorry driver)
  6. Today's monsoon has just reached the top of Southway. Another day like Tuesday and I'll seriously start considering building an Ark !
  7. Now Force 8 winds in the Solent! That'll give the Turkey & Tinsel brigade on OAP coach trips coming over something to think about! #

    Still no rain as yet but its imminent! Hatches now fully clipped and rigged for heavy weather - The upper scupper is now out of bounds!
  8. That's what you get for living in Plymouth
  9. Fortunately Wombat, I don't live in Plymouth. Just heard the bridge is shut so I'll have a quiet night as Mrs Wrecks works on that side of the river :)
  10. Whilst not raining, the weather on Portland is a might blowy!!!!
  11. Tut Tut those that live and work on the Devon side are not fused what happens on the Ferry or bridge, wrecks on the other hand live in Kernow land so if both out will have to go via Tavy.
    Looks like my drive home may be fun I will stick to the higher roads and avoid know flood points
  12. That's sodding weather is crap I am off home
  13. Fortunately we in Staffordshire have our weather delivered dontcha know.
    We might organise a relief convoy of foreign aid to you if we can be arsed.
  14. thanks Rod be we is ok until the first snow flake then all hell brakes loose
  15. Damn near got blown over, carrying my board down to the sea! :iconbiggrin:
  16. Fortunately I neither live or work on the Devon side, weather crap so came home early. Good an excuse as any :).
  17. Bad Bad day set out to Exmouth and Sidmouth, easy to get there fcuking traffic heading back to the M5, thought I was back in dog shit city stuck on the rush hour M27 fcuk that every morning and night still got back on track earned my dosh home by 1330.
    Took the dogs for a walk down the woods, house stinks of cowshit and sweaty dogs fcuk me thought I was back in Pompey again!!!
  18. Rough in my part of Staffordshire, I'm going to put the hurricane hawsers out on my boat.
  19. Just come down the M3/M27 Aquaplaning at 55 mph and hitting standing water will knock 15 mph off that like jamming the brakes on, the roads are lethal.
  20. Leaving early was a good call, Mrs Sumo was in town and with 2 main roads in and out shut, it was a nightmare for her to get home, I on the other hand put my feet up and had a cup of tea

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