'Sod off you Scottish git!'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by BreathingOutOnTheWayUp, Jun 28, 2012.

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    No, not you this time Finks :wink:

    t'was aimed at that other well-known and equally loved Scottish person during his PJT for PM:

    <<...Protesters were hanging outside Downing Street calling Mr Blair a war criminal as he left office, he said, so Mr Brown also needed to be prepared for receiving the most upsetting remarks.

    'It’s not often you’re paid to hurl abuse at someone who’s about to become the most powerful man in the country, but that’s how the day started,' he said.

    'Given Iraq war protestors were already gathering at the Downing Street gates to see off Tony Blair, we suggested he do a few run-throughs with us heckling him so he could get used to the distraction he’d experience later...>>

    'Sod off you Scottish git!' Brown's closest aides told to hurl abuse at him on day he became PM to prepare him for the job | Mail Online

  2. They could have saved the salary of his 'advisors' by bussing a lod of RRers down for the day - couple of pints, a pie and let them loose - now THAT would have been a sesion to prepare him for abuse!
  3. I suspect they wanted to ease him into it gently not traumatise him so much that he became a useless waste of space ... sadly it didn't work!
  4. So where were the blocks of light wood wrapped in engine room rags to hurl at him?

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