Sockpuppets. Amnesty, outing and suspicion.



It is clear that a number of the site's users have multiple log ons, or sock puppets in order to bait / back up their own arguments / stalk and perhaps worst of all, use them to have a pop at people they are too scared to do so under their own (anonymous anyway) username.

To be fair, I quite like ones in the vein of Nailz, Jade Goody and Gemma. But the saddos who use them to aid their argument need stabbed in the forehead with a bus.

So, own up or out them.

P.s. Hold the front page. Yes, I was "JadeGoody". There, I've admitted it.


War Hero
I used to use lint free cloths on board,oops sorry wrong thread,thought it was about other uses for socks whilst at sea!


War Hero
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I think it's outrageous that people would have an alter ego on this site. Disgraceful.

Does it count if you are a bit schizo?


War Hero
I think all the posters here are multiple personalities of one very paranoid schizophrenic called Bernard. It would explain a lot.

for the record, I am Finknottle, and so is my wife.
It may or may not come as a suprise to some people but I walt over on arrse as a gay vicar, I've ruffled a few feathers in my time.

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