Social Workers Hand Out Free Babies

Social Workers Hand Out Free Babies

A baby boy has been taken out of its home by social services and given to a teenager.

Solicitor Stuart Luke acting on behalf of the Charles Dickens Orphanage said he would lodge a claim for damages, adding “No baby should be removed from a private company .. er .. loving institution ... as the result of a decision taken by trendy child-centred liberals sipping camomile tea in some vegan cafe.

Later in the day the Dicken’s Orphanage revealed that the new mother used to have mental health problems and that just because she was now considered capable of looking after herself did not mean she could act independently. A spokeswoman explained, “Not being under a Mental Health care order is no reason for supposing that one is capable of rational thought and actionâ€, just before she was herself bundled into a Group4 van by personnel from Broadmoor Hospital for the Criminally Insane.

The baby boy was born healthy on the landing of the Dicken’s Orphanage and taken from his 11 year old mother about two hours later. He was presented to his new 18-year-old mum as she left a student party at 2.30 am yesterday morning.

The lucky teenager will receive learning credits as part of the new vocational diploma in childcare.

For those not up with the news see HERE
As a Beedle of long standing, I find your opinion piece regarding the care and welfare of my young charges to be a disgraceful amalgamation of heresay rumour and er...the complete and utter truth.
Bloody Victorian social reformers, back to the mudflats with the urchins or better still up the chimney.
I remain your faithful servant,
Bumble of the Parish Workhouse.
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