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Why is there never any navy personal doing the "Iron solider" challenge on socar AM? also why's there no Navy T-shirt for the the Navy who send photos in?


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Because the Royal Navy are too busy working on Saturdays... :evil:

(I'm not bitter...) :oops: :lol:

Actually a mate of mine was on "Iron Soldier" a couple of months ago; LPT Alfie HINDS (ex-Stoker from HMS Nottingham). A good effort, but unfortunately he didn't break the record.
There has been a couple of Navy lads on, the one SPB mentioned and also LPT Steve Young who was disqualified because one of his mates gave him a 'helping hand' push. Shame as he had the fastest time on that day as well.

Oh, and what the hell is SOCAR? :lol:

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