So you want to be a Royal Marine?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Floppyjocky, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. Please use this thread for all queries about joining the Royal Marines.

    For people answering specific questions it would help if any info given is both current and useful. Feel free to post helpful links.
  2. Just out of interest, does anyone (out of training) know what the accomodation is like at RM bases for singlies, ie single man rooms, project SLAM and the like? I know that its an ongoing process for upgrading accomodation and was quite lucky (near the end anyway) with my last Barrack Block whilst in the RAF, one of the new 'Superblocks', en-suite single man style. Is there much of that type of accomodation available at RM bases? Its not really a pressing concern, as I have lived in some pretty crappy barrack blocks before and it wont put me off joining, but just curious about it.
  3. I'm guessing right If I were to say training was a lot harder than the army?
  4. It's all single man rooms and each has an en-suite bathroom with jacuzzi and bidet. 42 Commando recently upgraded to a Laura Ashley theme throughout the accomodation but 40 Commando has been pressing for a more avante garde style with a much bolder pattern on their duvets. In Arbroath 45 Commando has retained a more traditional tartan decor with additional underfloor heating for those harsh Scottish winters. Bang & Olafsen stereo systems and flat-screen plasma TV's are standard in all units but only NCO's are issued the 42" models.

    Oh...... and for the 99% of your time when you are not embarked, living in a hole in the ground or away shagging some gronk these accomodation standards may not apply.

  5. Bloody hell times have changed Bergen!! I would say by your eloquantly put description of the fantastic accomodation afforded to the gentlemen of said fighting units that they are designed by the indelible Laurence Llewelwyn bowen of the chintzy mince and rince T.v programme changing rooms fame. Is this a ploy by HMG to make those individuals of HM Royal Marines softer and more approachable to the enemy? furthermore, do said individuals sit around a bonfire and sing such chestnuts as oggie oggie oggie and 3 wheels on my wagon?? My times have changed :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. I am seriously considering applying for the Marines and I have three questions for you fellas.

    1. I'm currently at university and will be 28 when finished. It says in the recruitment brochure that the age-limit is 33, but do the Marines regularly take on recruits at the upper end of the age-range? Also, would my age limit the type of roles I may be able to perform within the Corps, if I was sucessful?

    2. How will my student loans be viewed? I've been told that large debts may be an obstacle to joining.

    3. How good a swimmer would I need to be? I have a reasonable level of fittness from boxing which I can build upon, but my swimming ability is pretty poor.

    Sorry for the long and dry questions, but any advice would be appreciated.


  7. Lived in a derelict house in Ireland for a while Nutty Bag. Sort of dreamed up the accomodation I described whilst perched on the rafters. Good though eh???

  8. Goodness me Bergen, you are multi-skilled!

    Diver, trained killer, sex god and now owl!

    Indeed a true role model for the wannabes!
  9. Haha, very good. It was still a serious question though. I do realise that a lot of time is spent deployed, as I spent the majority of my time deployed whilst in. So I take it then that the accomodation is pretty basic, thats no problem, was just wondering!
  10. Beetch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What about the interior decorating skills!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perched on the rafters, in the loft, next to the water-tank, observing through a gap in the slates, with a family living in the terraced house next door who do not know that they have two booties as neighbours.........bit like being in the Deeds Cupboard :oops: if you think about it!!!!!

  11. "My name is Bergen Caine and i'm a nosey neighbour" Sorry oppo couldn't resist that even if it's only me who finds it funny, Ah the joys of covert O.P's dont you just love em!!! :lol:
  12. crabby

    I was a t CTCRM in the early 1990's as what is termed by the corps as a rubber dagger (reservist) The accomodation was very sparse to say the least compared to the RAF whoes accomodation i visited whilst doing my jumps course. Dont expect carpet on the floor and top notch accomodation when you join and you wont be too surprised.
  13. Nothing at all like being in the deeds cupboard. There are deeds in the deeds cupboard not booties passing the time as owls. If, however, you are referring to other activities that go on in deeds cupboards, I will another skill to your list - that of trapeze artist! And don't you call me a bitch! I am a trollop don't you know!
  14. Nutty've obviously experienced the delight of trying to defecate into a plastic bag held by your oppo whilst simultaneously trying to stop laughing at the sexual acrobatics of Mr & Mrs O'Brien in the bedroom below. These activities being achieved in a dark cramped space whilst trying to keep Mr. A. Target under surveillance through a 2" hole in the roof and still retain a grip on your L-42 to prevent it crashing through the ceiling, causing Coitus Interruptus and a breakdown in community relations what was that question about duvets????

  15. Oh yes indeed!! :lol: biscuits brown usually do the trick at bunging you up but the only problem is when you really really need to lay cable and the clingfilm or said bag aint big enough!!! :lol: L42, showing your age there Bergen my old sneaky beaky oppo!! :lol:

  16. My true love is still a SMLE No.4(T) :oops:
  17. Hello chaps.

    Just need some information and help on joining and please don't be harsh as I know tabbing roughneck types can be a little passive to us Cnut types.

    I would like to become an officer in the Royal Marine Commando's in 42 Commando (I think) but ask for guidance along a realistic path. In fact I am not sure what rank I may be able to reach or witch force within the Royal Marines would suit me.

    So if anyone can answer all of my queries and give me some undoubted knowledge on a career path tailored for me it would be a huge boost for me. My careers office is unable to assist as they are currently moving to another site.
  18. Unfortunately the Royal Marines do not have a witch force. Suggest you try The Queens African rifles where the position of Witch doctor may be available
  19. Can I have some real advice?
  20. FlagWagger

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