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So you thought our wee lad was fat

I couldn't watch the whole thing, what a disgusting state to let your kid get into.
Mind you, I am not surprised when I work in the states and see the lard arses trying to squeeze their bulk in behind a table at Denny's and order a gargantuan breakfast with steak and pancakes, then waddle back to their truck out of breath. Is that any way to live?
BTW, not a dig at yanks, I know some super fit yanks as well.

Former Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman once said
"Never underestimate the power of wide-grip pull-ups to develop width and size."
I think this chubber has been doing some serious pull ups. :twisted:
onions said:
That is definitely child abuse. But as they say "Only in America"!!

Keep Striving.

We follow in America's footsteps :oops: It will be as bad here as there soon, if the kids can't get out to play the games we used to play as kids. There is no exercise for kids nowadays just in case they get hurt and the parents sue :sad: Sueing every 'person' is also American culture :evil:

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