So who owns an Apple iPhone?

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bang the ****** on eBay and laugh at all the ***** trying to offload two year old HTCs and Samsungs for **** all.
You mean you actually keep a phone long enough to flog it on ebay????? Mine normally go tits up long before then... slips out of pocket into the bog/over the side of the canoe /car ran over it/dog ate it/cat pissed on it ... you get the drift! Stick with android ... they're a damn sight cheaper to replace!

And before you say anything about insurance ... works once or twice on the house insurance but then the sods get wise!


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This charger cost £30 to make though. So seems unlikely there would be huge numbers of these things out there anyway. Sounds a lot more like a theoretical problem than a real one.


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Ive had i phone 2 3 4 5 with non apple chargers when the apple ones went tits up and never had any trouble nor expect any of any discription


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My iphones have never cost me anything additional on top of my normal contracts, which are no different to any android contract I've had.


I've had iPhones for a few years now. Got a 5 now. They're great until the smash or go wrong.
Mine stopped charging last week. Had to trek over to scummers-town the other day to the apple store. Apple people are useless and say I need to book an appointment to get it fixed. Turns out it was a load of jean-fluff if the charger port that stopped it from working that I removed with a paperclip.

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