So who owns an Apple iPhone?

Discussion in 'The Internet - Best and Worst' started by Waspie, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. Does this mean the phone needs to be physically plugged into the charger to get infected? Or am i missing the point? My favourite iphone related internet story was that many people had believed the hoax that claimed putting the phone in a microwave for 60 seconds would fully charge it. People actually did this...

    PS. I did not fall for dem lies
  2. My read is that Apples own chargers are fine but back street chargers should be considered dodgy!
  3. Ah i see, clever by apple seen as though they charge about a million quid for an official charger and people following reports like these will invest! No idea where my chargers from, it should lnow better then messing with me phone mind :p
  4. If you can afford the phone you can afford the charger!!!!!!!
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  5. One does not pay for ones own phone bill, what a ghastly suggestion! Do you have an iphone?
  6. I have about 8 apple chargers laying around the house, I have no idea where they all came from but they're all gen. Apple obviously knew this so they changed the design for the iPhone 5 in order to get me to part with my cash for a weekenders charger.

    Only pikeys use unofficial kit.
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  7. Oh no. iMac and Macbook Pro but defo no iPhone. It's an old mans Doro for me!!!
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  8. She's got one.


  9. Ipad and Iphone 5 for me, wouldn't go back to android.
  10. Is the iphone 5 much better than a 4s? My contract runs out soon and i don't know whether to upgrade or not, and i get swept in with their sales patter so i can't trust myself to listen to the advice of the phone people! I was always sceptical about iphones before getting one, but i could never go back now either.
  11. It is much better in my opinion
  12. Let me get this straight.

    A team from the Georgia Institute of Technology (clever ******* presumably) has finally managed to infect an Apple device by making a dodgy charger. In order for it to infect your device, you too would have to purchase and use this dodgy charger.

    This is such a ******* revelation it ends up on BBC News, but it is clearly evidence that Apple products are shit.

    But when a 12 year old kid manages to infect every windows device on the planet with a simple email virus, it's just a fact of life. Windows is still better than Apple though right?
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  13. Can't put my finger on why exactly, but it is much better, internet is faster, camera is sharper etc. Also the 4s still fetches good money second hand, bang the ****** on eBay and laugh at all the ***** trying to offload two year old HTCs and Samsungs for **** all.
  14. People only hate Apple because they're poor. Fact.
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  15. I'm not (that) poor, but I still hate Apple products.

    I honestly would not have an iPhone as a gift.

    But they do good design and marketing.
  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    How can Apple be poor with all the stuff they sell. Not a patch on my Doro 610 though
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  17. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    The point of doing the testing is to demonstrate what people have been speculating for a while. In the new Apple chargers there is a small microchip, what that chip does officially is irrelevant, the speculation was that if it could be accessed it could be a new attack vector for 20% of the world segment of smartphone users, and if the grey market accessories were compromised perhaps even more.

    Attacking smartphones is big business for organised crime now, particularly as people have become more relaxed about using mobile banking, NFC bonk'n'go, pay pal etc. Lots of goodies to get at on a phone. Introducing a chip in the charging path is great as long as it's not compromised. Now you have to wonder where the chips are made, stored etc, has someone got the ability to compromise them during manufacture.

    All something to ponder when you next pay for something with a smartphone.
  18. Yup my Doro 6-something or other is superb. Brill build quality, what you'd expect from the Swedes. Press the camera button and hello! The camera! Press the txt button and you can start texting. I even use it as a phone, but hey - thats what it is!!!! No interfering emails, I can actually survive without emailing someone for a few hours. No browsing - no distraction whilst driving!
  19. I'm a sucker for apple. However both the iPad and IPhone 5 are getting right on my tits. Maybe sausage fingers don't help but they are both close to dying.

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