So who has been a naughty girl

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Maxi_77, Oct 12, 2009.

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    So as every one thought at the time Jaqui was at it, but it would appear if she is a good girl and tells the commons she is sorry then all will be forgotten.

    Hopefully her constituents will be less forgiving and give her the bums rush when the election comes.
  2. Don't be too hard on her, she was "within the rules" :roll:
  3. Ms Smith, expected to apologise to MPs later, will not have to pay money back but was "disappointed" at the outcome.

    As are all rule breakers when they are caught, she got off bloody lightly. I wonder how much money she has got away with claiming? Every MP's a winner baby!! So much for taking a tough stand on the expenses scandal.
  4. The chairman of the local labour party was on the radio earlier saying something along the lines of, “Fine women.....have known her a long time.....honest as the day is long.....back her all the way†:evil: .

    Surrounded by sycophants like that it’s no wonder MP’s walk all over the electorate :roll: . Still, she’s in a marginal seat, so hopefully her constituents will take a different view come election time.
  5. Sir Francis Urquhart's famous comment comes to mind!
  6. Isn't it really amazing that she has to apologise to the other members of the honourable house of thieves.
    Has anyone apologised to the people who have been defrauded publicly.
    Namely us the taxpayers! :evil:
  7. The frequent dit that you hear is that “they just don’t get itâ€.

    I suspect it’s more like trying to teach algebra to a rock, that is to say they’re incapable of getting it.

    They probably won’t get it until half the population are standing outside parliament armed with pitchforks and a rope! :violent1:
  8. She knew she was extracting the urine,we knew she was extracting the urine and yet she gets away with an apology which it appears was written for her.Time and time again she has claimed that she had done nothing wrong,now we get an apology but apparently not our money back.
  9. Have a shufti at this scoundrel then:

  10. No doubt the voters of Redditch will have a say in her future soon.
  11. It just goes on and isn't as though this scoundrel was stuck for a few quid.No wonder he was giving thousands to the Labour party and gordon Brown he was just recycling the money he conned from the taxpayer.Hang on a minute you don't think........nah its me being cynical again.
  12. I'm just watching "A Very British Coup". Marvellous drama. Like Yes Minister, the political stories are exactly the same!
  13. Gather from the news that there are a certain number of MPs of all parties who have applied for PVR will refuse to pay the money they fiddled back. Solution is easy - arrest them for fraud and watch them squirm. Thieving scumbags, let's hope they're all named and shamed - and more importantly, PROSECUTED. Simples.
  14. Haven't heard about the other houses scoundrels yet, Lady Uddin springs to mind, Are we now having politics American style....Commons raqueteers... The Sequel! :wink:

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