So who else starts at BRNC on Monday?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Noofworm, Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. I'm entering into the logistics branch. What is everyone else doing?
    Who's nervous? I know I am, but in a good way for sure.

    Good luck and see you on Monday!
  2. My AIB buddy is, but then that might be you... Dave?
  3. Nope, my name is Dan. Sorry to disappoint :(
    Everyone's being a bit quiet on this one, are you all still too busy packing? :p
  4. Must be!
    My pal Dave will be the biggest man there on Monday... he is a hulk. Say hi to him for me.

    You must be bricking it. I start in April.
  5. I'm not sure really, I don't think its hit me yet. I'm sitting here packing now as we speak. What are you doing in April?
  6. Warfare.
    You'll be fine, I'm sure.
    God knows what I'll be like in 10 weeks time.
    I hardly slept last night (day of offer letter) so I imagine on April 27th I'll be bricking it.
  7. I passed out in December, you're going to love it! Any questions you may have im more than happy to answer
  8. I can't think of any questions yet but I'm sure I will do, what branch are you?
    Sara, 10 weeks is an absolute luxury amount of time, I was only given 2!
    I think the RN realised it needed one more logistics officer....
  9. I'm a wafu and yeah they are srceaming for loogies
  10. They're terms i've never heard before, I suppose i'll be hearing them a lot more though!
    Sara what branch is Dave joining?
    I really should think of some more questions but my brain has turned to a pre-BRNC mush.
  11. Oh yeah you've got the whole "Jack speek" to get used to. The RN has its own language but you get used to it. One thing I will say is they ease you in to training so there is no shouting or anything like that. The first week is mainly getting your kit sorted and settling in to the college so it's quite relaxed as such.
  12. Thats good to know. I've been getting stuck into my rules of the road and fitness too but with only 2 weeks notice I fear I'll be behind, any thoughts?
  13. RoR (Rule of the Road) is the bain of everyones life at the college. A heads up (tip) you will sit one exam every phase the all of them being multi choice (as it was). You won't have to know them verbatum but it is nice, just to annoy the seniors, to know rules 1-5 by heart. But you have classes and plenty of time in the evenings to read them every now and again so I suggest for now you just try and get your head round what the first few rules mean if you get time i.e. train journey down to totnes. In all honesty I wouldn't get too bogged down with it, more important things to concentrate on in your last few days.

    With regards to phys, you will do quite alot there but make sure you pass your 2.4km run first time (which is usually done on the thur or fri of the first week) otherwise you will be doing remedial training in your own time which can be better spent prepping kit and stuff.

    I wouldn't worry about thinking you're behind the curve, we were never told to pre read RoR before joining and the people that passed are the ones who utillised their time wisely which is my biggest piece of advice. Use the time you have to be constructive be it kit, RoR, knots, defence writting, rounds etc.

    Hope that helps a bit
  14. Yeah thats great thanks!
    I'm pretty sure i should be fine with the run.
    Did quite a few people get binned then?
  15. The run is pretty straight forward 8 and a bit times round the astro turf, just go balls out it's only for 10min at the worst. They have had quite a few problems with the last 3 intakes of people failling the fittness test. Nobody was binned but placed on remedial training until they pass as you cannot pass out until its been passed. So once its been passed you can just forget about it and hang your head in disbelief at the people who can't.
  16. He is also Logistics (my mate Dave)
    That's why I asked.
    I best get my ass back down the gym- been taking it easy States side.
  17. I may have to pretend to guess his name on meeting him, and then claim I have psychic powers. I say this hoping he genuinely is the largest guy there doing logistics, if he isn't I'll just look silly.
    I guess I'll meet you in April Sara :)
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    A very good argument for Officers undergoing a Pre Joining Fitness Test similar to the Ratings, rather than a bleep test at AIB- if you pass the medical on AIB too.
  19. Hello noofworm,

    I'll be joining on Monday too (Logistics also) so I'll see you there.

    Whats your full name so I know who to remember when I get down there.


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