So who else is working Christmas Eve?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Six_and_a_Half, Dec 24, 2007.

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  1. So, who else is working today?
  2. Me for only one more hour, hopefully
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Me, on call from home, enhanced pay as well, three and a half hours to go
  4. Moi, ........ and it is boring as hell.
    Read my book, watched the 'Santa Clause' ---- now surfing the web.
    Still, only a couple of hours to go, then off home for both days and the cans can begin to be opened :w00t:

    I hope you guys enjoy the Christmas -- I know I will, the OH's blonde sister is coming for the day tomorrow, and the mistletoe is startegically placed awaiting my advances !! :) :) :thumright:
  5. "Read my book, watched the 'Santa Clause' ---- now surfing the web."

    And getting paid too - I want yer job - and Janner at home on call getting paid too?? Soo unfair. I must be in the wrong job.
  6. Flymo, you can have my job if you like?

    I'm currently "working" in a BT call-centre in wonderful South Yorkshire. Just who in their right mind wants to order a telephone line today anyway?
  7. You don't want my job -- one of my guys shot through, and as I'm the Site manager I got called in .... :(

    But I get paid quite a few pennies - so it ain't all bad ... :) :thumright:
  8. Out of curiousity what do you do, Whitemouse?

  9. Saw an article on BBC watchdog who weren't really impressed with your company's service when it came to new lines. A blip or issues with the system?

    Then again, we have Jersey Telecoms down here ..... sheesh!
  10. Security Manager ..... but ssshhhh it's a secret !! :lol:
  11. Me too
  12. Not today, but I am tomorrow. :crying:

    For all of you working today, hope it's not too bad for you - have a good 'un :salut:
  13. Quite right, actually. We're now using a new database system which restricts the amount of information that I can see in order to bring us more in-line with other communications providers. This is supposed to enable BT to be more competitive, but with every new system there are inherently a few bugs to work out first.

    Its works well enough now though.
  14. A Heart felt thank to all of you working thanks and HAPPY CRIMBO :thumright: :thumright:
  15. Yippee! I just sold a broadband service, first actual bit of work I've done today.
  16. 6 and half,

    Did they order the installation too? Is it in Norfolk?

    I do some of the installs for BT, bit slow this time of year though!!
  17. Im working tonight :(
    Im a glass collector (waits for the laughs at the pathetic job)

    So like evry1 is just gunna be getting pissed nd grrr im not impressed!
    Least im not working tomorrow :D
    Alough am also working new years eve :(
  18. No and no again, I'm afraid.

    I have a bit of a difficult time selling the installs actually. Its very rare that I can persuade someone that its worth spending an extra £50 for, unfortunately.
  19. Not surprised mate, its normally only the total f*ckwits I get to see.

    Trying to make plugging 3 wires in look difficult is difficult!!!!

  20. Alongside many others I detest those pathetic press one now press two when you call.

    A while back when I popped back home.

    Now this asian phones asks if I have paid the bill I tell him No! Then he states this call is instead of a red letter. He then states you can pay now have you your credit card number.

    Yeh sure! I dont tink! Was it a scam??

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