So who are the real subsidy junkies?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Maxi_77, Nov 2, 2007.

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  1. We all are in one way or another...
  2. Excellent answer
  3. This newspaper wouldn't happen to be just a little bit biased towards it's Scottish readership would it Maxi?
  4. Us biased, you must be joking

    Certainly no more than the Wail or the English version of the Scum and Mr McKenzie
  5. I think you will start to see similar moans about this new DWP scheme unless of course it is like the poll tax a Scottish experiment.

    I particularly liked this comment from the DWP

    A DWP spokesman said: "Housing benefit never sought to guarantee that customers on benefit have unrestricted access to accommodation of any price. By setting Local Housing Allowance rates at the median level means that exactly half of the rental properties within any area will be affordable to people claiming housing benefit."

    Another interpretation could be "We intend to allow half the claimants to make a stonking great profit at the expense of the othr half of th claimants"

    After all there is no suggestion they will pay out less, just not pay it out in a way where each gets according to his needs.

    Methinks even more buy to let fingers going up in smoke over this one. Mind you when you see the stupidity of some of the buy to let crowd perhaps it will be deserved.
  6. Buy to let is going off thread but you are correct Maxi. Too many think that buying to let is a get rich quick scheme. They buy a house without having the cash to do so and than rely on the rent to pay for it.
    looks like a good topic for a discussion though. Will start it in DLs.
  7. Careful Slim you are starting to sound like a moderator, you had better pop of to the Doc and get some of his pills. Mind you I would suggest you pass on his offer of the free flu jab considering recent reports.
  8. Turned down the offer of a free flu jab this year (as I did last year).
    As for me sounding like a Moderator. go and wash your mouth out with carbolic. :pukel:
  9. NO You did sound like a moderator :smilebox:
  10. Maxi it was just a matter of time before I commented on this article, that was a poorly written article to start, I have read better in the Sun, which says little for the Herald.

    Tha Oil argument needs to be put to bed, we are net importers of Oil, and it is running out fast. For any part of our economy to be reliant on Oil is a big mistake, and money currently raised from it, should be used to wean our economy off of it.

    A blogger comments [Admittedly he is an English Nationalist]: One thing the SNP fail to mention when talking about the oil is that, until relatively recently, a large proportion of allegedly "Scottish" oil was, in fact, English oil.

    The maritime border was moved by the British government from its correct position in accordance with international convention which is an extension of the land border to a position parallel from the mainland meaning that the maritime border no longer pointed upwards on both the east and west coast and incorporated English north sea oil and gas into Scottish territorial waters. They also fail to mention that revenues from English oil and gas (it's not just found in the North Sea) are also paid straight into the British treasury the same as for "Scottish" oil and gas.

    No matter what way you look at it, £11.3bn more is spent in Scotland than is raised there, and for the SNP to say that they can raise the difference through Oil revenues shows exceptionally poor future planning on the part of the SNP.
  11. PO

    All very interesting, but it doesn't change the reality that spending per head is actually more in London. I wonder how the Tynesiders feel about that, or do they not matter.

    So we get more on welfare benefits, perhaps that is because a significant part of the population needs more, uneployable through sickness from working in the mines and shipyards.

    We spend more on health, well we have a very unhealthy diet, but there is an upside, we don't live as ling so we do help the pension problem. Also our population density does make health provision more expensive, many places probably do not qualify for their health facilities on size, more on the distance from any other facility.

    Equally in education we do have many small rural schools where the cost per head of education is much higher than in cities.

    As for the balance between spending and revenue raised, getting to the truth is almost mpossible, some say Scotland is in profit and a net contributor others say the opposite, certainly your 11.3Bn figure has been wholly discredited as if fails to give Scotland any oil revenue, and counts taxes where they are paid, not where they are generated. My tax is paid in Portsmouth, when you join the RN yours will be paid in Wales. I believe it was Gannex Wilson who started the official policy to 'hide' the balance of expediture and revenue fr the constituent part of the country as it was felt that if the Scots ever found out they were net contributors the Union would be over.

    When criticising the SNPs ecconomic theory do remeber Wee Eck was an economist in one of the more successful UK banks so he has a trifle more experience in that manner than you or any journalist nas.
  12. Maxi
    Just a little concerned about your comment on Tynesiders. Perhaps they should be concerned spending per head in London.
    How can you then state that Scots workers suffer health problems due to working in the coal and shipbuilding industries? These are the same industries that Tynesiders and those from surrounding areas worked in.
  13. I'm not having a down on Tynesiders, if I really had to live in England I would far rather be there than many other places. No I was really pointing out that I think they do get a poor deal from Westminster when Londoners get far more that the average per head spent on them, areas like Tyneside must really dip out. Perhaps they really should have voted for e NE Regional Assembly. The thing about shipbuilding and coalmining is that taken as a percentage there are far fewer in Englan than Scotland whos lives have been blighted by working in these industries.

    As an aside I am actually glad that deep coalming has all but ended, surely it is better for some one to be on the dole rather than killing themselves a little every day down a mine.
  14. I am not going to claim to be an economist, and now you come to mention it, my current tax office is in Lothian! [That is a clever little plan they have there, meaning these statistics are wholly wrong!]

    However, you once again go back to the oil, which is going to run out in the very near future, surely any sensible politician would ensure that their sums added up without the need for the black gold, and use that as the surplus to build on when the inevitable comes, or use it to create oppourtunities for current oil workers now, so when it runs out they can remain economically active.

    Scotland may have smaller schools, but in my county they have recently closed several rural schools forcing children to travel further, not all of the South-East is built up, many parts of South-West Kent are quite rural. We see that Scotland is getting free school meals, yet all but the poorest do not receive this, the promise of free prescriptions etc. in Scotland, yet they are not paying more in tax. I believe that it is devolution which is forcing the break up of the union, a sad thing indeed.

    Again there were shipyards, right here in my home town, dealing with Radioactive waste, from HM Boats, yet even Medway manages to have unemployment below that of the National average.

    Had a trifle more experience at a successful bank, does not neccessarily mean that he is right, when the Government's, and the Conservative parties all say something different, looks as though they are going out to find the answer they want, I would like a neutral to go over the books.
  15. Mever mind the Tynesiders maxi. What about the extremely low levels of financial help given to the southern counties (Londonexcluded)?
  16. Just I happen to quite like the North East and Yorshire, if I had to settle in England thats where I'd go. I've tried Wokinghan and I'm not coming back, other than to share a beer with you of course.
  17. Maxi
    You would be most welcome to share a beer (or 10) any time.
    Must admit i do like the country side in the North East (where my roots are) however like South Wales many of the population on long term benefits should in reality be back in employment.

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