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So where did you all end up?

Got a medical discharge in 2001 - Picked a new career in that real crazy (just can't convince myself about that) world of IT work as an Support Analyst in Hemel Hempstead, most exciting thing to happen was the building getting levelled in Dec 2005 when the Bunsfield oil terminal blew up.
I have the pleasure to be working with an ex Crabfat, an easy target for me, however he has that ability to send a glass eye to sleep at a moments notice.
Miss the day to day banter and social life of the mob. You just can't recreate that in civi life, Oh well I'm on call thats my phone and its time to rescue a broken thing.
Left in 94 after doing my 22, joined HM Coastguard spent five years in the OPS room and am now a Sector manager in South East Cornwall.
Pay Crap, Job great, Office is right on the beach. Every day is different.
I ended up in the offshore survey industry. Worked for a company in Singapore for 5 years to gain experience (low pay) then went freelance. Stacks of time off, good income and the ability to work pretty much at your own convenience.
Weaponiers are readily adaptable to the technology used in the survey industry and most UK survey companies do monthly rotations, plus doing more than 181 days offshore means you get your tax back!!
Came out in '93 and went straight into the BLood Service sucking blood out of willing volunteers .. Guess that makes me a "Vampire". :evil: Had several sessions in Pompey Dockyard and some of the Gosport Shorebases and bumped into a few old ship mates!
Left 1n 72 ,(6y man+3 y boy no pension rights,) Joined whats now Strathclyde Police and retired after 30y ( pension this time) now part time with the council as an enforcement officer (licensing)
Once a Ba*t**d always a Ba*t**d
Left 97 worked for IBM Security for 5 years. Now aux nurse working with Dementia patients,very rewarding but can be stressfull and sad.
I left dec 97 and have not looked back. I was a MEM(m) scale B. I've stayed in that line of work as a mechanical fitter and worked all over the world. I am currently in the nuclear industry.

A note to those that joined up at a young age. the bollocks they tell you about you making the same money as civvy st is utter shit. But then again we do'nt join up for the money.
I left the Corps in 86 after 12 years. Sold my medals to pay for rent and entry onto an Access course. I then went to Lancaster Uni for 8 years where I did the The 3 Degrees. After Uni I fell into IT/Business consultancy but left after 10 months because I found it tedious and dishonest. I then became a teacher, teaching across all levels i.e. Nursery, Primary, Secondary (Philosophy, Sociology) and degree level (Psychology of child development). I now teach maths, science , English, art and humanities to permanently excluded 14 year olds. I enjoy the teaching but don't like the paper work. I'm not all that keen on teachers either. :grin:
I left in 1997 and did overhead crane engineering.
Moved into the rail industry a few years later as a signalling tech for a renewals company. I 'work' a 35 hour week, big stand-easys, even bigger dinners. It's a very similar job to the Mob; uniform provided (bright orange), weird hours with weirder people who have (but not quite) a forces type humour.
AND, you don't get shot at. (Standfast when working in Manchester/Liverpool :shock: )

Came out in 1975 after 11 years boy and man as a Jack Dusty. Having met a Geordie girl - now wife of 30 plus years - I got a job with the BBC in Newcastle setting-up their film and tape library. Then moved to Tyne Tees TV as an assistant film editor. In due course became an actual Film Editor, working on all kinds of programmes but settling into making the regional farming programme Farming Outlook for over eight years. Took redundancy package in '87 and moved to Spain. Moved around the country a bit but I think we are now settled in a little town near Valencia. These days I deal in antique and historic currency on Ebay. Setting-up a new web-site soon, to be called Banknotes-Worldwide. Anyone thinking of joining the RN should know one thing: It gives a young person a great start in life. You can do anything when you leave!
Left in '92 after 24years, moved to Florida, worked for in flight catering for a year, took a job at a local Police Depatement as an Emergency Communications Officer and now am employed as the departments Crime Scene Investigator (since '99).
Outside in '96. Went to Uni as a Mature Student (bored stoopid for 4 years) and quickly learnt that matelot jokes/dits don't go down too well with strawberry mivvies!!

Been a System Manager for a financial institution for past 6 years. Good money but more stress than Portland... 4 other ex-andrew ROs here.

Miss scrubbing out the after sh1tters and 01 morale deck..!

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