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So where did you all end up?

Left in 2000 after 24 years.

Last draft was Dumbarton Castle (FIGS). Who Draftie sent me to in August 1999, with only 12 months left to do. Was due off DC in Feb 2000, with only 6 months left. I gave up trying to do any kind of resettlement from the Falklands. My relief went Sick On Shore. But OXP were able to find a replacement.

Up until the January, I still had no draft order in, so didn't know where I was going after DC. So after my DO made enquiries, he came off his INMARSAT call with; "What do you want. The Glasgow. Or the Newcastle"? I had never laughed in a mans face up until that point!

To cut a short story long, I ended up spending my last months at Collingwood. I organised my EVT, which was UNIX/CCNA.

Since leaving have worked for Nortel Networks, and Now EADS as an NOC Engineer (most of whom seem to be ex-TCW Crabs, trade group 3. I manage the worlds 3rd largest WAN - and on nights its just one of us!

Not bad for an ex-Sparker.
left in 71 joined merch bp ocl brill,then came shore in 83 had to be there for the im the painter at melb & olypic parks a great job to go out on
Went into the andrew straight from school with zero quals. Apparetntly tossing it off at the back of class isn't a qual. After nearly 7 years of gollying later decided I was mr. big bollox and upped and left. Joined the carnage in the balkans and found that lots of EW experience is fanny all use when you are given an AK. Stuck with it though for nearly a year, although it was like double shit.

Came home a bit loopy and weepy. Got me sh1t together and sneaked into a uni as a "mature" student. Finished that, did a masters degree, coz I had nowt better to do and got my job with who I work with now. Its all timing plans, slide packs and meetings. Got a nice wifey and a rat on the way, so its all good. Civvy street is a wheeze but you have to look to yerself a bit hey? Everybody is 100% happy to stick the knife in and will p1ss all over you as soon as look at you.
Left mob in 95 and moved oop North, to get away from ex wife and potential drinking problem.
Married later that year and eventuall got my present job August 96 after a spell doing Security work.
Working, :oops: for NHS, as Catering manager in mental Health Trust, very interesting and hopefully I can manage another 8 years when I can retire with NHS Pension as well as Pussers one.

Then maybe i'll get a proper job 8O

PS Escaped first wife and just about escaped Drink Problem, but, am still partial to a Binge
left in 94 , joined RMR and fire service , now a CMT in the saturaday and sunday club..looking to get a job with the british antarctic survey as a field assistant
Left the mob in 88 and worked for 2 years in a small business comms company designing/manufacturing two-way radios. Got made redundant and worked part-time at Glasgow Airport for 9 months. Decided to go back to school and went back to college for a year to get quals to get into Uni. Went to Glasgow Uni and got a degree in Aero Eng in 96. Got a job with BAe in the NW and have been there ever since, working on various military aircraft projects. Thinking of joining the RNR.
After leaving the mob,I spent three years standing by refitting ships in Guzz (permenant duty watch) then 6 months as a fitter on the nukes(contract through a Southhampton firm)and now I push hospital beds.
theatreelf said:
After leaving the mob,I spent three years standing by refitting ships in Guzz (permenant duty watch) then 6 months as a fitter on the nukes(contract through a Southhampton firm)and now I push hospital beds.

I know you do a lot more than push hospital beds ,
Escaped after 15 years in 2003. Straight into Sussex Police and loving it.
Still have the same amount of laughs and enjoy the teamwork, but come home every day rather than three months a year !!!.

Schoolboy, ten years Andrew, left in 72 as Killick Sailor Radar thingy! Joined the Mercantile Marine Service (merch to you lot) thirty seven years in one way or another and reached the dizzy heights of Chief Officer (posh - boll***)! Dumped chance of Skippers job - too much sh** for not enough money! Now working(?) as a Safety Consultant (Construction) - wow is this fun, like being a Bish, Joss and XO all in one without the responsibility "get rid of that muppet - but is your site Sir, so it's Only a Suggestion (but I'd do it if you know what's good for you) and it's all your responsibility!" Oh! the Power! Lot of ex mob in this game - if your thinking of it, go for it! Highly reccommended! Many Pennies too! :twisted:
Left the Junglie squadrons after 22 years, did 3 years RNR air branch, offered a job with the Norwegian forces, easy life, lots of overtime :) can't get used to having to join the union for the forces.
departed company in 1994, got lost for 4 years in Canada, they found me and assisted my passage home! and have been a news tog ever since
Left in 93 after 12 years, Worked in the plastics industry for 12 years as a spark, now high tech :wink: as a process control technician in the pharmaceuticals industry in Runcorn in Cheshire.
I jumped from the Junglie circuit in 2005 after the manpower CPO of the premier NAS told me I'd be out in the sandpit within seconds few of re-joining the Squadron. I wouldn't have minded, but I was buying him a beer at the Xmas mess function, so I thought his timing was somewhat suspect.
With 22 years in the bag, and a request for early release I ended up at QQ in a section with both civilian and ex-military personnel which allows me to tease the ex-Crabs.
Flexi-time and a basic 37 hour week has improved my quality of life, do people still work late/weekends in the Pusser?
I had a good time in the mob, however I find the attraction of more leave, higher pay and minimal stress combined with the ability to plan my life a hard combination to beat.

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