So where did you all end up?


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sboatsforever said:
After a short career in the RN I moved onto British Transport Police! What about everyone else? What did you end up doing?

After failing to find a decent job in the UK I was given an oppotunity with a position in Cyprus, one year on and I love it!


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I worked at Hurn Airport (laughingly known as Bournemouth Internatinal) for 6 years was then laid off then went to Boscombe Down (4 years) Yeovil (6 years) now Blandford (2 years) last 3 jobs as an uncivil servent
Worked in the civil service for 3 years - we used to get raided by our customers who smashed up the office and tried to attack the staff - so I suggest matelots avoid working for the DSS! Then split jobs: information specialist / academic (legal philosophy) - much safer. Mature students great - want to learn. Former one myself! Not too bad for an ex-Ganges boy! :wink:
Came straight out into the offshore industry. A lot more technologicaly advanced than the navy but once you get the hang of it it is a good job. Work all over the world on land and sea, great ships, great money and the best bit is when you are off you are off i.e. can live anywhere in the world as the client pays for flights.

Although the RN is usualy behind the times with tech stuff it sets you up nicely for a job outside with a bit of waffle and providing you were in a suitable branch.


Came out in 95 , worked with the Royal Marines driving a little security van [call sign , Yankee Zulu] ,between Bickliegh , Stonehouse , Royal Citadal , Mountwise and The Dockyard and occasionaly Lympstone , anyway left that job in early 2002 and came to work in the Main Theatre Suite here at Derriford Hospital , love the job and wish I'd came here straight after leaving the Andrew :p :lol: :oops:, there are 14 Theatres in our department , covering all types of Surgery , in the Hospital as a whole there are 32 Theatres , from day case to cardiothoracics so every day is different :roll: If anyone is ever in Derriford and spys a daft geordie dressed in Theatre greens wearing a Newcastle United scrub cap , that be me 8O
Left in 75, did a spell selling office equipment, then got involved in things like ship stabilisers and steering gear for a bit before becoming export sales manager for a defence electronics company. The last 18 years have been with another defence electronics comany partly in business development and lately doing project management.



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Left in 95, some 5 years in software development with Mr Gates' lot followed by a spell as the Plant manager at the power station at Heathrow followed by similar role at a large sugar factory in East London.

Now Utilities Manager at the Scottish Courage Berkshire Brewery in Reading (Or I will be when I eventually get back to work ! )

Once my pension goes up in four years, I might look at something a littleless stressful in order that the tax man doesn't profit too much.

As for you Jenny Dabber, does this Canadian company need any helpful straight , charming, polite, good looking engineering types with lashings of managerial experience in Cyprus. I promise to bring out my yacht and throw lots of parties !!
On the subject of pensions, does anyone know how you can calculate what you might get at 65 if you didn't do the full 22? Ball park of course!

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