So whens the next RR Run Ashore in Guzz .

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by dondon, Jun 9, 2007.

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  1. So when should we have the next run in guzz , we were a bit unlucky in the weather on the last one , but still ended up a decent run , {ended up in the St Budeaux Workies} , hopefully in the summer months to try and catch the weather , someone suggest or take charge , I will and am happy to do so if required . :wav: :wav: :wav:
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    can we all wear leary clothes and drink in shite pubs?.....please.........only jokin
  3. No, no blobs why do I want to do that?

  4. er actually blobby we did :oops:

    ooo sorry Josie babes - didn't mean it - I'll be off

  5. lol they weren't all bad :lol:
  6. I would put my name forward for orgainising but being a young un, we'd proably end up in Jesters with Mr bean, lots and lots of warning when it's going to be please so childcare can be arranged.

  7. cool,,, you arrange it don,,, we will come......
    oooh sounds like a film...... :afro:
    and Goldie,,,,,, it took me ages to look that crapy... im soo glad you noticed :afro:

  8. er I might not have been referring to you josie babes ... though you should bring your zimmer next time so you don't fall down ... running for cover ...

  9. Ok peaple would sometime over the August Bank Holiday be ok , let me know , Im happy with any weekend realy . :wav: :wav: :wav:
  10. See the problem is DonDon, I don't want to run ashore with somebody who can't get the title to a thread right?

    Shouldn't that read 'So when is the next...'

    But I bet your fun when it comes to happy hour :love7:

  11. Kinell mate , considering I posted it at 11 minutes passed midnight after a night in the club I dont think its a bad effort , :salut:
  12. Cracking behind,

    anyone you know?
  13. Put me down as a provisional - but not in town.......
  14. Given the wet weather since the run in Guzz I'm not breaking out the bikini just yet - but we might be lucky

  15. Shouldn't that read 'But I bet you're fun when it comes to happy hour'

    Dwellers, glass houses, throwing stones etc...
  16. Any update???????

  17. well what about bank holiday weekend in August..... that gives us a long weekend,,,,,
  18. I'm up for it , thought this thread had died a slow death , got to have run out of rain by then , fingers crossed , any suggestions of meeting place . and actual date of course .
  19. okies,,, lets see whoes up fr it,,, then plan,,,
    my hubs will be coming as it our 16 wedding aniversary that weekend,,,and cant party with out him........
  20. OK so that's Me , You & Your Hubby , come on folks get your names on the board , :wav:

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