So when do we get the new front page scheme?

Should we have a variation upon the new ARRSE theeme?

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My apologies if it has already been asked or queried upon but, I was wondering, COs, as to whether we can expect to receive a version (modified, of course) of the new ARRSE front page anytime soon?
If not and I've missed a thread then no worries and bin/delete as appropriate but with that new theme more-or-less established I was just curious
though more inquisitive with some drink

The Poll runs for 14 days (arbitrary number, no other reason).

Bad CO

Interesting to see that so many people view the new ARRSE look so negatively. We've had similar problems over there too (and in fact whenever we change anything....) but I think that it rapidly grows on you once you start to use it.

In answer to the original question; we're still ironing bugs in the theme out. Once this is done we'll create a more minimalist 'work safe' theme for ARRSE and then both will be transferred across to RR. This will also coincide with an upgrade to the site which should improve usability, security and speed.


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When they see this at the Welcome Page - they'll
be *Signing Up* in their THOUSANDS.

By the way, what comes with the new theme are:

Very white theme with minimal graphics for more stealthy use at work.

Footer menu, with the most useful stuff - login / logout etc

Last 50 posts page

Less white space wastage at the forum top, but with more functions immediately available.

Better links in to the key content from the front page - aimed at newcomers.

Some promotion of the Blogs and RRPedia, which both deserve much more attention that they get.

No of new private messages shown on the top right of all pages.

Long list of who's online moved to a separate page rather than taking up most of the front page.

Less google ads.

Social bookmarking

Click anywhere on a forum / thread area to link to it, rather than having to score a direct hit on the title.

Change theme available on all pages at the foot.

(Majority agree) Smoother, easier to read font.

Fixed width meaning fewer layout errors.

Printer friendly forum pages that actually are and work.

Larger, clearer buttons in the forums rather than the tiny text ones we have now.


Pointless front page will go, so you will go straight on to the main site

Quotes are clearer

Much improved search facilities.

Go to first or last post in a thread directly from front page list or Last 50.

that's about all I can think of for now, but it is a BIG step forward, and you don't have to use ARRSE for long to accept that.