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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Feb 15, 2011.

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  1. Rats have been seen in Downing Street! A tabby (I detest domestic cats) chosen from a short list has been sent in to deal with them no shit, I hope it does not crap on the Persian carpets.
  2. Christ on a stick I hope the tabby's been neutered or he's at least using a con-dom we can't afford the upkeep of any more unproductive civil servants.

  3. :laughing2:

    They are obviously clueless townies or they would have known a cat is about as much use as a nuns thingy, what you need for that job is a Jack Russell.
  4. Oh I dunno. My old cat was a great rat killer. Manx cat and crazier than a bag of ferrets. Nails
  5. Without wishing to stereotype was the said feline an insular alcoholic?

    To get back on track why did the fact that Cameroon has taken in some stray moggie make the national news when this country is up shit creek without a paddle and being run by yet another bunch of nincompoops who think that it is OK to give away £280 million a year of our money to India, one of the world’s biggest economies.
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2011
  6. Finks give Mr PR man Cameron a brake he tried the old mark 2 multiculturalism gag with the press about ten days ago.The only result was his opinion poll ratings continued heading south, now for a PR man that doesn't make for good breakfast time reading.Hence the old moth eaten moggy and a change of PR team ploy.:safe:
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  7. Is the cat on the Civil Service structure? and if so,at what grade?
    Or is it just another case of cleaning up the mess the last tenants left?
  8. Oh no these are new rats and the one I viewed on the national news scurrying past the front door looked blue in colour.
  9. You've been looking through those red tinted specs again finky.It was definitely a BROWN Rat

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