So what's it like being a Royal Navy Diver?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Dawsie, Aug 11, 2010.

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  1. Hello out there,

    Been to the RN careers office, seen what they had to offer, and Im really interested in training to become a diver.

    So my question is, what will they be looking for in a potential candidate?
    (and yes, I can swim), seriously though, anyone know anything about it?

  2. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    You'll struggle to find Divers who like talking about themselves or their job. Very reserved and self conscious are divers. Never ones to find the limelight.


    ;-) for the hard of irony
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    By all accounts: "Not good"

    Word is on the street that there's a minority gender issue with regard mirror access/custody. :wink:
  4. Cold, wet, under water playing with high explosives, but don't let that put off because you will be so cool and attractive to women. The rest of the fleet (small ships) think they are a bunch of ******* . :twisted:
  5. Your first week of divers course will involve the application of hair gel in all types of conditions and terrain, with and without the use of a mirror. This culminates in a test on the first friday which must be passed before moving to week 2 which is "how to wear a diver's tracksuit properly". This must be passed or they will boot you off the course and you will become a steward.
  6. The most difficult aspect of the course comes at the graduation, when each Diver is officially commissioned by having lower order Royalty smash a bottle over their heads, and then being unceremoniously chucked down a slide in to the water.
  7. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    What's it like? You could ask one of these guys. This was the last course.

  8. Every BodyShop a retail therapy opportunity, every mirror a nescessity.
  9. They spend their entire careers at sea, and love it. In fact, many of them actively look for drafts outside of the small ship community in order to become better rounded Naval Ratings.
  10. * Fitness
    * Common sense (doing the right thing instead of just doing things right)
    * Fitness
    * Courage (it can get nasty out there)
    * Fitness
    * Sound health (including tolerance of air, oxygen and exotic gas mixtures under pressure)
    * Fitness
    * Intelligence (lots of maths and science involved in diving physiology, diving technology and explosives theory)
    * Fitness
    * Good communication skills (lives can depend on them)
    * Fitness
    * Effective problem-solving and decision-making skills (there won't always be someone around to tell you what to do, especially at 60 metres)
    * Fitness
    * Mental focus and sound judgement (simple errors can risk lives)
    * Fitness
    * Mental and physical stamina (when the going gets tough, the tough get going)
    * Fitness
    * Good leadership skills (The Boss isn't always around)
    * Fitness
    * Effective organisation and management skills (small units can't afford to carry passengers)
    * Fitness
    * Above average physical strength (particularly upper body)
    * Fitness
    * Mental and physical agility (fast reactions are essential)
    * Fitness
    * Confidence on, in and under the water (day or night)
    * Fitness
    * Grit and determination (it ain't all like the Caribbean or Red Sea)
    * Fitness
    * Ability to remain calm under pressure (in all its senses)
    * Fitness
    * Good sense of humour (especially on Rum Ration)
    * Fitness
    * Film star looks, good hygiene and pride in your appearance

    and, last but not least,

    * Fitness

    For a flavour of what RN divers get up to, take a look at the 'Latest News', 'News Archives' and 'Branch History' sections of the MCDOA website.
  11. Most RN Bubbleheads begin their careers with bodies like damn Greek gods and end up with bodies like God damn Greeks.

    The real problems though begin with breathing elevated levels of inert gas. [PPN2 or more rarely PPHe]. This can produce moderate to severe mental problems, characterised in senior ranks by exhibitionist behaviour and uncontrolled spending.

    A good clinical example of this descent into mental incompetence is spending 200 million on a diving vessel that never worked and was rapidly expunged from RN memory....... See HMS Challenger, the Grey Ghost of the Scottish Coast.. also known as the ship that never was............. :drunken:
  12. Talking of Naval Divers, I presume that pusser has turned the clock back and done another of his famous U turns.
    When I joined in '65 they were running the CD clearance Diver branch down to extinction (almost) and we had (I was one) ships divers, we all volunteered as a sideline as we received divers pay at about 10/- 50p a week, a veritable fortune in the day. And all we had to do was IIRC 15 hours per calendar month. Plus the course in Pompey.
  13. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Looks like your going to have a fun week camping with those guys.

  14. It was 120 minutes a month Rummer! Two decent dives, unless you had to do them at Horsea Lake, when, for some reason, no matter how long you stayed in you only got 59 mins!!

    I was gutted when they brought in the pay for supervisors, as I never got it. Same responsibility, no cash.
  15. After I had posted and thought 15 hours seemed excessive I went looking for my old diving log, and by the time I read your post still had not found it.
    I was ready to give you an argument as I was sure it was a lot more.
    Good job I never as I now have it to hand and can see the most hours I ever did in a month were 7 and that was during work up doing a ship guard exercise. Belay that I did 9.5 hrs in Bahrain in 69.
    I lost my divers pay and all in 72 when I perferated my right ear, and I nearly got a discharge with it. :cry: :cry:
    And SB when the little packet arrives, if you need any instructions the war office said to tell you to text....... no problems. :D
  16. [h=2]Re: So what it could be like being a Diver?[/h]Thought this may be of interest.


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