So what the fuck happened.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Aug 12, 2012.

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  1. I thought there was to be a RR meet at the beginning of this month.
    No mention of it has been made in any thread so what the fuck happened.
    Did it go ahead and if so is it now gone underground, or did certain members make such twats of themselves that it was thought best not to mention it.
    Come on someone dish the dirt.
    If it was anything to do with Wrecker could you please type it in capitals and then pump it up to humongous proportions.:tongue4:
  2. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Fuck knows. But your black joke is becoming very old if you're after some honesty.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2012
  3. You cannot imagine how much of a fuck I do not give on that one.
    I do not conduct witch hunts to mack or mach ten for weeks on end so as long as my particular peculiarity is not acrimonious I let it ride.
    It might be worth commenting on that it is usually brought up about me rather than by me.
    However as this is (as you quite often point out) a public domain I do not see why I am even responding to your comment.
    I might add that it suprised me somewhat given that you usually seem to be given over to a sense of humour be it dry, but hey ho we all have dark sides.(No pun intended)
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  4. Dunno about the RR meet, family events overtook proceedings and I shot through in the end as I ran out of time :oops:.

    I'm waiting for puns to be awarded by janner!

    Don't worry about Wits, he'll regain his sense of humour once he's settled in as a civvy twat :homework:
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Uncle Albert and I say sat there all night waiting for someone to turn up.

    Actually, I went down to the Barbican, became very tired and emotional and eventually ended up at the Hotel, I don't know what happened to UA.
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Would you be so kind and post this and the attached message received from Pitt K, the now 'Front Runner' of the Diesel Boat Dinner Time Sesh Reunion so ably run by Slinger Woods for 21 fabulous years previously, lest we forget, this occasion is held annually at the Weston Mill Oak Villa Sports and Social Club on the first Saturday of August unless otherwise stipulated.
    £1007 as a donation to the Alliance Appeal was a magnificent collection from all the attendees, we were looked after well by the staff on duty as per usual, the food was also well worth the £5:00 although having spoken to Pitt K since the DTS, not all that paid for food took it, that's my trick truthfully, a special mention should go to the rest of the lads who sat on the door signing in you 'Submergers', and finally a mention for the minutes silence that was called for and supremely given.

    Give yourselves a pat on the back and spread the word for next years Reunion.

    B. Dob.


    Sorry for late dit.

    Diesel Boat Reunion was attended by well over 200 old and bold submariners, many of them collecting their pensions and the proud owners of bus passes, who came from all over the British Empire including Scotland, Wales and the Isle of Man. Held at the Weston Mill Oakvilla Social Club as usual from 1130 till the last man fell out much later; was as usual a very successful Dinner Time Session. A £2.00 door fee was charged for entry and this combined with the two buckets that went the rounds held by Dobby Dobson and Nobby Hall raised £1007 which was donated to the Alliance Appeal. So all in all a very well attended event and next years DBR will be held at the same venue on the first Saturday of August.

    All the best

    Pitt.k (former naval person)
  7. I hope all you under the water types had a splendiferous good time.
  8. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    A couple of points Rat.

    When did you get your incontinence pants in a twist? I wouldn't have expected you to give a flying fuck about what I posted. As for a witch hunt I take it you mean the trolling prick that is Tam/Finknottle. I'm sure he'll be back playing the Pied Piper in CA over some controversial issue where hes the subject matter expert. You'll have to point out where I say often 'this is a public domain' because I don't remember. I'm also not on RR alot of the time these days because I work away and don't want to use the works computer due to having my email account hacked a few months ago. If I've been a grumpy bastard I apologise and promise to take it out on Mrs wits later on.

    On another note she borrowed my laptop to download one of her e-books and it was opened up at a page where you had posted. Sky news was on and reporting about the 12yr old lassie who got murdered in London and she seen your signature block. She had a sense of humour failure and I had to pacify her by telling her you were a senile auld bastard. :grin:
  9. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Hahahaha, thats why I like you Rat!
  10. There you are It's fixed all around.
    You lost your rate, try not to loose your grip, you'll be pissing in your pants next.


    And I never said that:laughing3:
  11. =======================


    Whew, glad its sorted.

    Youse twae have been bugging me all day and
    her fluffiness (Sol) being AOL I almost ...

  12. Nah its nay worry Bob, I know who's an arsehole and whose not on here, and I really ain't that sensitive to throw a wobbly about fuck all.
    So it's big hugs and move on, fuck all to see here.:love2:
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  13. Rummer me old shite bucket I have to confess I've been plagaurising - fcuk it I mean copying some of your piccies on my facebook page, is this a flogging offence or can I just stand in the corner for an hour wearing short trousers
  14. :thumbup:...........................
  15. I hope I'm on your arsehole list, cos if you try to hug me................................
  16. You deaf old fucker I did not say to you Hug Me.
    I said you were UGLY.
    Now fuck off and sulk and tell your therapist about the nasty sailor who swore at you, Treacle.:booty::toothy8:
  17. Why would you swear at his treacle?
  18. So he came to a sticky end. As the bishop said to the actress.
  19. Wots this treacle business, is it some sort of cock-a-knee rhyming thing, up North we rub treacle on our chests to ward off winter chills, and hugs from Southern ponces.
  20. Up north you rub all sorts of things over your chests and it's fuck all to do with warmth, unless you class that inner feeling of warmth as heat.
    Down south its known as sexual gratification.
    Where I come from its called perverted.

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