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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Polycell, Apr 10, 2010.

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  1. when all the boats move up to Faslane is that it then?
    No more Guzz? Dolphin finished years ago so does that mean that Faslane becomes the only UK submarine base?
    Gawd help us if thats the case. One good shot from those pesky reds and our submarine capability is blown out of existance!
  2. Yep.
    Apart from the RNSM school, yep.
    Yep, even SETT is moving, to Coulport if my sources are correct, where they will build a 10m tank (yes, I said ten metres, or in old money, 33 feet).

    Or one good blockade.

    Or mining the Cumbraes gap.
  3. Think of the nause the peace camp erks could cause, are they still there? The peace camp that is?
  4. One man's basket full of eggs is another man's centre of eggcellence.
  5. With all the anti-nuclear noises made by the SNP it seems like a strange idea.

    Devon based Tories have made noises about the removal of assets from Guzz and Cameron himself commented that putting all our eggs in one basket was unwise just this week - perhaps a rethink post General Election?
  6. Alive and well living in their little caravans which are obscured by the undergrowth
  7. Many of us T boat ratings are well pissed off with this proposed move
    the JRs will more than like have to share a single cabin (WTF) with another

    hopefully, like everything else with the RN, this will NOT happen on time and get out "right"

    or, the Tories/SNP change it somehow (although, I doubt it)
  8. If there is insufficient accommodation, they will have to put you up in spare quarters on RMA, put you in rented places on LA, or put you in hotels/b&bs on subbies. I really don't know how much accommodation is available in Faslane at the moment, but there are far fewer boats there than there used to be, and it will be a while before the first T-boat comes north.
  9. we have already been told to prepare for "hot messing"...I kid you not
    when you go to sea, you will have to lock away your stuff (in your single cabin) so someone else can use your space
  10. TBH, some people said this was on the cards as soon as the removal of accom charges for seagoers was announced. From what I recall of the cabins in Faslane, there is a 'box room' in each which might be just about big enough to allow people to retain their own cabins, but allow them to be used as 'guest rooms'. The cabins I have seen in Drake do not have this facility, so what provision would they make there? lock everything in the wardrobes?
  11. Better to sleep out of your van? :D
  12. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    As a Cold War Dinosaur, I happen to know that the RNR and the River Class MSFs were training for this eventuality for years.... pity we sold all the sweepers and no longer have the capabilty:(
  13. Or shack-up at the Peace Camp? (Has been done before.... :wink: )
  14. There is insufficient accommodation. Having just visited on a T boat and having had to stay on the boat I can vouch for that. God knows what the situation will be like when boats start moving up there.
  15. So what happened to the accommodation that the SM10, SM3 and visiting boats used to use?
    I can remember in the early 70s when all the trots were filled with boats there seemed more than enough accommodation for us! And I think there were MORE boats in those two squadrons than there is in the RN today!!
  16. The MOD is hell bent on knocking down more beds than the number of new ones they build. Cheaper I guess. :roll:
  17. By June, when there will no longer be any S-boat poofters left in Fazzers, so there will be more accomm available, though whether or not it will be enough to accommodate a full T-boat crew is dubious. To be honest, I haven't paid much attention to the amount of accomm a/v with the new building works, but knowing the Pusser as I do, I doubt if they have made sufficient provision for the boats heading north from both Guz and Barrow.
  18. added the extra marriage patches required..
  19. It's all new SLA now, no more transit messes with bunk beds. The new standard of accommodation is fantastic, but means a lot less people in the same space.

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