So what happened to Nos eights

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Polycell, Dec 5, 2008.

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  1. So Nos eights are now called Nos fours so what happened to Nos eights?
    Are steaming bats still issued as the desired foot ware. And if so do they issue them with laces?
  2. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Yes we still get bats, but they're not as good as the old ones. Comfier I'll grant you, but not non slip soles. Oily or wet decks now have to be negotiated with great care.
  3. They have actually got No8s on display in the museum at Greenwich.
    I suppose that means I must be a museum piece now.

    Bye the way, can you get steaming bats with 4 inch heels?

    Just wondered. :rendeer:
  4. We all know why No 8's had to go,

    defence spending review, some one told the admirals and civil servants we could save millions by halfing the amount of daily working rig we use, it then went from 8's to 4's.

    or was it because the material now used is only half as good and only last half the time as the old ones

    Read my name and make your own decision
  5. I thought the whole point of steaming bats were the non-slip soles,I would not fancy being casing party in slippy boots.
  6. No 4's ????? : o_O
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Defence cuts - No. 8s = two shirt sleeves and two trouser leg. No. 4s = one sleeve and one trouser leg...
  8. It brings new meaning to the time honoured pusser wake up call: Showaleg! :lol:
  9. So is there still
    Nos Ones - Best suit (Gold badge suit) with medals
    Nos Twos - Red badge suit
    Half Blues
    Nos Sixes - White tropical suit blue badges.
    Nos Sevens (I thing!!) White shorts long white or black socks and shoes.
    Nos Eights No more!
    So someone tell me why was there a change?
  10. No No2s Poly.
    They've gone too.
  11. Sounds like a ploy to make
    Kit Musters more streamlined.

  12. I don't really give a f*ck what number it is as long as it's "fit for purpose".

    Of course most of it isn't: nos 3 trousers, DMS boots, collar attached white shirts (amonsgt others) are all rubbish quality and sizes seem to vary every time I go to slops :tp:
  13. What happened too the straw hats Nutty used to wear and the white duck suit?

    Dont tell me they've gone as well!

    You'll be saying you cant have pigtails next.
  14. Didn't Nutty get issued with a handful of straw and have to make his own hat?
  15. Are the new No 4s the "drip dry" terylene No 8s that were once "nuclear issue only" ? They were "drip dry" provided you weren't wearing them effing awful things to sleep in, but caused severe burns in a fire, because they just melted on you, making any burns even worse. They look a lot smarter, but for use in an environment where there's any likelihood of a fire, like machinery spaces, they're downright dangerous.
  16. They were replaced with Nomex (same stuff as racing drivers ovies)No`s 8s.which shrank in the wash, not allowed to sew badges on em(only supposed to wear em at sea)lovely and warm but a 126 for £70 if you lost em(had em pinched)when terry ones were about £20
  17. Still got my nomex on the go, much more comfortable than those skimmer ones they issue now, think i might even have some of the old sub ones in a suitcase but theres no way they would fit me anymore
  18. The new 8's (4's) trousers remind of Billy & Jonny pants really and they look awful.
  19. In January this year I came back from Aus on a cruise ship. It had shops, bars, restauants,double beds, showers and a gym. It made me think of what life must be like on mordern nuclear boats, (they still call them boats???????) lavish style messdecks, "bathrooms" and smart uniforms (N0 4s?????)
    Not like the old days; hotbunking, no showers at sea, the sweet smell of diesel and sweat, rigging the elephant's trunk in roughers, when grocers were indoctrinated with "twelve to a crate, three to a can" and a scratcher on the Acheron called Knocker White who would do anything for half a tot (one in one)
    Good old days. I miss the lads but not the life.
  20. I don't see that modern nuclear boats are that different, T boat JRs mess is not exactly lavish and is very small considering the number of JRs onboard. Bathrooms yes but if you are on a sneeky they dont make enough water to use them, all boats smell of diesel and sweat (apart from that time just before rounds when they smell briefly of superclean pine).

    I do get my 4's (8's you take your pick) washed one a week though and normally have two pairs of nick and socks to last me a week at sea, so I guess that is luxury of sorts.

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