So What Exactly Will Happen Tomorrow?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by creddly, May 7, 2007.

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  1. Hi, as some of you know, my aptitude test is tomorrow (The one I'm gonna fail) and I'd just like to know the standard procedure and what's gonna go on.

    It's at 9:00 in Cardiff.

    1) - Will there be other people taking in the test as when I went to do mine in the Army, I was the only one.

    2) - After the test, what happens?

    3) - Will the test start at bang-on 9:00?

    4) - Could they surprise me with a make-shift interview?

    5) - ***THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT*** I've kind of been having trouble getting some of the documents they've asked for on the letter;

    a) - Original Birth Certificate: Up my dad's but on it's way down, but won't be here in time!
    b) - Marriage Certificate: Lucky for me I'm not married!
    c) - Passport: Got that one!
    d) - Educational Certs: In the library, it's been closed and I've been away!
    e) - Previous Service Docs: Got them!
    f) - National Insurance Card: Another one I've got!
    g) - National Health Card: I don't got!
    h) - Form AFCO 102 fully completed: I got that!

    So I've got 4/7 documents. Is this gonna look bad?

    I know I'm definitely down Cardiff the very next day to watch Spider-Man 3, so could I perhaps take in my Birth Cert if it's here then?

    Is it possible to get a National Health Card from the GP today if I ring up?
  2. The sun will rise, but hey! that's just David Hume's inductive logic and it might not. As for anything else happening tomorrow ... **** knows
  3. Lol even though it didn't answer all my questions that was a top reply! :lol:
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Creddy, I've just had a look and see that you joined RR on 4th December 2006, so since at least that date you've had some idea that you wanted to join the RN, you've had all that time to sort out the docs. etc. that you will need, whilst I accept that you would not have had knowledge of all that you would need, most are fairly obvious.

    You need to get a grip and get sorted, of course it will cause problems if you turn up at any sort of interview without the docs. you have been asked to bring with you.
  5. Creds, like Baldrick I always have a cunning plan.
    New Zealand is approx 11 hours ahead of Wales, so PM me at 9.00am Tuesday (NZ time, so 10.00pm Monday in Wales) and I'll let you know whats going on.
    The surfies down here have a saying "Chill the fcuk out". :lol:
  6. I know mate, this is the one time (And couldn't have picked a worst time) where I've lapsed a bit!

    I've been so wrapped up in the practice questions and practicing my interview answers that I bloody forgot about half the documents you need.

    If it wasn't Bank Holiday today, I could have had all the documents today. Of course I can take them down Wednesday. Definitely!

  7. Cheers Bootneck!

    It's easier said than done, I'm shaking like a leaf now so I don't bear thinking about what I'm going to be like tomorrow! :(
  8. Creddly!

    Are you not in yet? FFS if we have a mighty war vessel called the indecisive or the worrisome get the feck drafted to it.
  9. Although it is poor admin not getting your docs together, i have read some of your previous posts and know that you have a massive load of enthusiasm which the AFCO have picked up on in the past. Go in there tomorrow with the soul intention of passing this aptitudde test which you will do fine on. Mention to the staff that you have had problems attaining the right documents and FFS dont lie or try to BS them as they will suss you in a second. Good luck with it, i'm sure you have done the revision for the test.

  10. You can't go into any examination with the attitude that you are going to fail.
    Buck up a bit and do your damndest, no one will ask more than that.
  11. Cheers Nutty!

    Yes, I gone over-kill on the test revision, and I've even got all the answers ready for my interview questions, all typed up on a document... just need to memorize it all now.

    Trouble is, this has caused me to forget the bloody documents!

    lol point taking Sweeny!

    And cheers sussex!
  12. Firstly, good luck with the test, you'll be fine considering all the revision you've done.

    While preparation is a good thing, I wouldn't memorise interview answers for many reasons, but the main one being that you want the interview to be as conversational as possible and it might get a bit "blocky" if you regurgitate a pre-prepared answer, they will probably suss it anyway.

    My advice is to just think about the 5 personal areas you're being interviewed on and read up on current Navy affairs. Think about what you're going to say but don't memorise exact answers.

    Just be yourself and you'll be fine. :wink:
  13. Cheers Chris!

    Another helpful response.

    Some people (Naming no names) are getting fed up with my questions. At the end of the day this is a discussion forum and more to the point, this is a newbie forum for... you guessed it, newbies like me wishing to join.

    I can't help that The Navy took so long to get permission from the Army to process me! I went down 3 days after receiving my application form and letter saying they'd now had permission from the Army.

    It also isn't my fault The Navy wasn't running the aptitude tests for 6 weeks after the day I went down (Which is tomorrow)!

    People don't seem to realise that a lot of this has been out of my hands!

    Okay, I have made an error this time with preparing my documents, but that's only because my eagerness to join got in the way and I was practicing the aptitude test and getting my interview questions and answers ready!

    Anyway, I'm waffling now! Thanks again mate for a decent reply!
  14. Credders
    Good luck mate and remember,, whatever else happens:

  15. Cheers Slim - I saw a reply from you and shit myself because you're the one I respect most on these boards so I was hoping for not-too much of a bollcking!

    Thankfully it was a nice tip - but I won't be late, I'm up 5:30 and the test is at 9:00!
  16. Alright mate,

    You seem to be a bit nervous. My advice as i took the test the other month is to relax. I know that is hard as i was feeling pretty much the same as this was the second time for taking the test (Which is also the last time you can take the test!!!), the first was 3years ago to get into the reserves. My careers advisor said that i was only 1 point in range to join the RESERVES. So when it came to taking it a second time to say i was having a bit of **** leakage is a wee undersatement.

    You will arrive in the morning and have a chat with your careers advisor (this is a chat and not an interview) they will talk you through what happens and what to expect from it. They will check that you have practiced the questions in the booklet which is given to you to try in your personal time. If they can see your nervous they should try to give you guidance on keeping calm. Lets face it, it is in their best interest to have you in the right frame of mind as they are the ones who need the numbers.

    You will then go into a room with the rest of the applicants and all take a seat. The member of staff will talk through a practice question with you and make sure that you understand what you need to do. They will then tell you how long that section lasts for. This will be repeated for every section.

    Once you are finished you will all go back to where you were waiting while the careers advisors mark the test papers. Once this has been done you will be called to see your careers advisor who will tell you your result. At thios point the advise changes depending on the result. They will either advise you on how long the waiting lists are or where to improve for the next time you take the tests (if you failed)

    With regards to you not having the doc's, be honest with them and tell them realistically how long it will take to get them. The thing is that once you pass it is this which will hold your application up. I didn't have a birh cert and needed to order a new one from where i was born which is not where i live now. They were ok because i was honest.

    Hope this helps. :)
  17. Fantastic stuff there mate and has made me feel 100,000,000,000,000 x better!!!

    Thanks for a very detailed and insightful post!

    Well 2 of the 3 missing documents will be with them the day AFTER tomorrow, so that'll only be a 1 day delay and the National Health Card will be with them depending on how long it takes the GP to provide me with one. I say a week tops!

    How long did your Birth Cert take?
  18. Nutty_Bag... why do you allow yourself to be called Nutty? I keep getting you confused with the authentic, wholesome, brandy drinking version, Nutty of Mazarron!

    I think you need to insist that you are in future called Peanuts! :lol:
  19. hi creddly
    how's the knee going? hope it's ok
    don't worry about 2moro, just a couple of tips for you,
    1)have breakfast most important, don't want a rumbly stomach through the test!
    2)go to the loo before the test! there is nothing worse, you will fail if you have to leave the room before the test is finished!
    3)at the start at each test there are sample questions, don't worry if you them wrong! My mind went completely blank on the maths part (NOT GOOD!).
    4)when you do each section read the question try and answer it if not read the question again if you can answer then move onto the next question, there are plenty of questions on each part of the tests, at the end of each test go through the ones you missed if you still can't answer then have a guess you never know you might be right!

    as for the doc's I did not have them all and I still don't have my discharge papers apparently a 1yrs backlog!!! just let them know, i think as long as you have them before you join you should be ok, but i would check!

    hope everthing goes ok,

    from ship_rat
  20. Creddly you seem keen, exceptionally keen, I took the RT as part of a trial, and did it with all of the Ratings Candidates, in "Test Conditions".

    You will probably have to go back down to the AFCO to show your indentity documents as soon as you have them, I would advise getting there even earlier to ensure that you can flag this up to whoever, and get it sorted, do not try and get away with lying to them, they are will appreciate your honesty (as GSSR_Vvd says) and admitting where you have gone wrong.

    And finally best of luck, stick with it, if you think you have messed up a section once onto the next section move on and forget about it, you cannot change what you have already done. And give it your all!
    By the way which career path are you going for?

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