So what did you get for xmas ?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by daffy1, Dec 28, 2009.

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  1. I dont know if someone started this tread, i cant find anything. Anyway as the title suggest what did you get for xmas?

    I got a P-51 Mustang R/C plane which i nearly crashed on the day i got it, followed my the usual gift sets, never have enough shower-gel and not forgetting booze.
  2. £500 and a thermal mug. Happy days
  3. Bloody hell mate that is happy days, although i would just be happy with a mug
  4. No grief aah bliss :D

    edited due to krip spelling
  5. I'd have been happier with £504.99; I can always nick a mug from the cnuts I work with :D

  6. Mate that is the best gift any bloke can ask for.
  7. New Lowa's, £120 worth of limited edish Adidas trainers, a power monkey, some Flashman books and loads of other clart including a Chaz and morph bookend set. Mint.
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I got some cracking pressies.

    Digital camera (stand by for some boring photos of the NZ logging trade, stunning scenery and drinking with NZB....)

    A fish smoker and a cook book entitled "Classic British Pub Food" :thumbright:
  9. I got a sword, and I love it! (before anyone starts it's not anything to do with the 'Pork' version of swords)
  10. I got some snizzle. including the nike+ ipod sports sensor
  11. I going to see if i can make my plane in to a UAV, I wonder if i can arm it ?

    Tuts i know its bad in Liverpool but is that taking home security a bit too far
  12. Somone may try to rob my sovereigns. You can't be too careful these days :wink:
  13. Fair one have you seen how much the bling bling cost in St Johns Precinct.
  14. Been after it for years, a lovely Christmas didnt even get it when I nipped out today for a DTS.
  15. I love St Johns, you get to meet a whole load of interesting people and robbers. I actually worked there many moons ago, £20 a day "cash back"!
  16. Yea there are a few interesting people there.
  17. i got 3 massive boxes of maltesers pringles, chocolate coins a jimmy carr DVD and a Travel iron.
  18. Just the mutha of all hangovers

  19. Unless my c0ck has caught a cold, I have a feeling I might have got a Chrimbo prezzy I didn't bargain for. Will find out for sure tomorrow. [email protected]@@@@g [email protected] barmaid. :(

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