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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by orkneyblues, Oct 13, 2007.

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  1. Hi, just found this forum and was very happy to read a lot of posts from both serving, ex serving and soon to be serving submariners, the cream of the RN. I am very proud of having completed my pt.3 on Sealion back in 78, just after their Canadian DED. I stayed with her for about 6yrs(I think) then left (pierheaded) to Ocelot for a short time, then back to Sealion again. The I was shafted to Bombers (Revenge Port) after killicks course in Collingwood around 88. I decommisioned Revenge in 93 and came out in 94.
    Some names I remember well:
    Sealion - Pony Moore (Killick fore-endy)
    Charlie Cooke (Killick Greenie)
    Joe Morrison (Killick Seaman, mess killick)
    Andy (Baby) Boylin (LS)
    Mal Gudgeon (LRO)
    Eamon Smith (LS)
    Revenge: Davey Hope (imp)

    I'm Pete Cairns ex Lwem.
    All the best to everyone
  2. welcome to RR orkneyblues, sit back and enjoy the ride, and join in.
  3. Its not all about boats orkney but welcome.

  4. Here's a thing....didn't Andy Boylin always harp on about his dad being in the SAS?? Ohh and Eamon Smith won the Fwd Mess "How-many-Grapefruit-Segments-can-you-stuff-in-your-face-Competition" when I was on there!! Joe Morrison - mental Scotch person as I recall.

    And as an added tit-bit....can you name a famous "Stalker"??????????

    (May be the wrong boat - not too sure myself....)
  5. I remember Davy Hope - got a pier head jump to go on patrol on Revenge when he had a member of his family pass away.
    Marcus Fitzgerald got jumped as the WEO that trip as well.
  6. Ocelot eh?...Hmmm :scratch:

    Robbie zip neck, BoBo Bruce, Dickie Bird, Paddy Daly, et al....
  7. I may have the wrong end of a shitty stick here, but do you mean this nutter?

    He would have been a Killick Sparker/RS around about this time.
  8. Got it in one. :w00t:
  9. Contributor Mode

    OK so which of you bar stewards told orkneyblues about RR. I told you it was a secret and not to tell thats geezer from the windy wet islands of sheep shaggers.

    Are well now you have found us jump in and enjoy. Most subjects have been touched at one time or an another but we are willing to do them all again just for you. You will find us old and bold dieselasourouses a bit touchy on the modern Pussers version of a Fleet.

    We are also crewing up a Cyber Boat HMS/m Obdurate. See the connection to the thread below in blue a click will take you to that thread all volunteers accepted no rank below Leading hand in this crew no part 3's.

    Enjoy it take a bit of reading through



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