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So - this bloke posted his picture on the Internet...


War Hero
lol, a bit harsh seeing that the poor fella is a bit naive and goes on a forum populated by latent homosexuals. Hey ho this fella deserves everything he gets, but from a bunch of vain 'i love me who do you love' bunch of testerone injecting spotty faced self indulgent man boobed wierdos is a bit rich.
BTW my view is established, someone who trains to keep fit or because he likes training is fine by me, someone who trains to kiss his own pecs in a mirror is a c_nt.


I remember seeing this on early last year. A lot of the pictures came from there :thumright:


War Hero
Thought the first picture looked a bit like Mike Golden. Perhaps he has a cousin?

As for the other one, ARRSER filled their boots with him.

Poor lad. More to be pittied.

Wonder if he lives in a nice trailer?
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