So that's them well and truly fecked

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Mar 30, 2010.

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  1. Well this must surely seal New Labours fate at the general election. Blair, probably the most detested man in the UK has come out in support of Browns handling of the economy, no doubt the deluded eel thinks he is New Labours saviour and there must be a dearth of big buck paying road shows in the US.
  2. Re: So that's them *.


    Although you and I have crossed swords in the past I feel that on this occasion I totally agree with your sentiments. I had to turn over as I couldn't bear listening to his spin and utter bollocks!!!
  3. I love that expression; I have never heard it before, but it is now going to be my favourite term of abuse.
  4. I could think of worse language but as its you Soleil I shall refrain!!!

    8) :wink:
  5. ......And add to your list the delightful 'Mr Mandelweasel' moniker that surfaced today - from one of his fellow Parliament-Dwellers :D
  6. Anyone else totally mute him and just chuckle at how orange he is?
  7. Mandelweasel! Brilliant! :lol:
  8. Fink, be careful - me old - we are starting to LIKE you :oops:

    You'll be moving back to scotland next? :wink:
  9. Still wouldn't count on a conservative majority in parliment as there is more chance of hell freezing over than the conservatives winning in Scotland and it will be tight race between labour and the SNP. Even in north England were I live aswell Labour is still very strong with around 50% of the vote and Conservatives have very little chance of making a impact.
  10. I liked the cut of Vince cables jib to be honest!! But as some of you are aware I've met most of the weasel faced fcukers in real life so its difficult to decide who to vote for.
  11. Scrap all the parties and start again with only two
  12. It was his semi-American accent that got me at the beginning.

    The thing about Blair, he always gave a good speech, you might not have agreed with the content but it was always written and delivered well.

    This wasn't a Blair speech, this was a Brown Number 10 speech, as subtle as a sledgehammer and as fake as a 9 bob note.

    I personally believe he could have been a useful tool in the election, but not in a formal campaigning role. He would have been far more effective making carefully planned personal remarks about Cameron and co. It would have sparked the sincerity/integrity debate Labour wants to have without getting the current government's hands dirty.

    A wasted opportunity by the Labour campaign team.
  13. Which two?
  14. Two new ones. Could call them the good side and the dark side :lol:
  15. On the contrary I think that Getting "call me Tony" involved has caused New Liebour more harm than good. The British population might be a lot of things but bloody stupid isn't one of them and they will go to the polls and vote against this government in the same way as maggie was ousted in the 1990's
  16. On the strength of our recent conversation it would be difficult for me to vote for any of the tossers!!
  17. Hence why I said not to use him in a formal public-facing campaigning role. But having said that Labour couldn't not use him, he is, used properly, a political powerhouse. It is all about campaign strategy, at the moment it seems to me the Tories are making the smart decisions and Labour are struggling to stick to one direction.

    Perhaps, once again, "the limos are circling" waiting for 'Gordon the indecisive' to make the call - only time will tell!
  18. I used to have alot of respect for...

    I'll shut up :wink: haha.
  19. I think this was the point (perhaps rather badly) i was trying to make!!
  20. You cant deny though if Tony is smartly it could help boost labour voting if used in marginal areas as he is undoubtedly a very good public speaker.

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