So my daughter looks like she's joini


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Well I haven't posted in here for awhile as when I left the mob nigh on 4 years ago, and although this is a great forum I just wanted to just divorce myself completely of the mob, quite hard living in Plymouth, but what the hoo.
So when eldest said she was thinking of joining the mob, I wryly thought pipe dream, well it looks like madam flew through her testing, has the GCSEs to join as a Tif (if they still had them), expressed a keen interest in being a Warfare Specialist, so after not even contemplating trying to persuade her not to join I decided just to advise, she expressed what she wanted out of the mob, i.e. What every young person wants, just something different and a bit of life experience, so I sort of directed her at EW instead of CT, which IMO is probably the best branch in the WS, Being an ex WE and having worked on all systems I believe I've got good grounds to say this, not detracting from AWT, or AWW or UW, but that's my opinion.
Now I'm sure she will be a success, ffs I'm a 23 year done matelot, mum was an ex OM (UW), she grew up around the mob, which I thought would turn her off, but no.
So how is the mob in 2017, you've had a few changes in 4 years, I'm not talking about Raleigh or Collingwood, but the fleet, where to be honest your real training starts?


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Welcome back Mac, is it really 4 years since you spent some of your gratuity on a new set of wheels and rode off into the sunset?
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Welcome back @angry_mac , I doubt you'll need any pointers from me regarding joining but one thing you may have missed is there are advanced apprentice schemes for AE/ME/WE's joining with GCSE's and 160 UCAS points. Starting pay....£31,100.


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Shitty death - ss it 4 years since we last heard your dulcet keyboard? That is scarey!

Hope she does well - you'll find a few (civvy) mums and dads on here now with sprogs at varying points in the new career.


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I'm in a similar position, except I'm still in and it's my son that's decided to follow the family tradition. I'm also a submariner, which is where he's going, so I'm not best placed to comment on life in General Service but;

I think for the large part if you came back in you'd feel immediately at home. There have been some minor changes but life in the fleet is largely the same as it was 4 years ago. All the same problems that existed 4 years ago are still there, although in some cases worse than they were, particularly with manpower and platform availability.

On the face of it you might think that the RN is perhaps not the best choice of career nowadays. It is much harder work on the front line than it was and that's not going to change very soon. There have been lots of initiatives recently designed to address the problems with some very radical thinking being done, but they will take time to have an effect.

However; I still think there are lots of benefits to a career in the mob for a young man or woman. If you're young, free & single then it's still not a bad place to be. I genuinely believe that the opportunities that exist in the mob for motivated, capable people are pretty much unrivalled. Promotion on merit means that we can get our brightest talent through the ranks quickly, and on the whole I think we're good at recognising talent. If I can use myself as an example - I joined as a WEM at 18 with 4 GCSE's (C or above), and a bit over 25 years later I'm sitting at a desk as a Charge qualified Lt with an engineering degree. If I'd stayed where I was at 18 I'd say it's a fair bet that I'd pretty much be doing the same job as I was, only with the ONC that I was studying on day release. I've also accumulated a number of AT leading qualifications and have spent a fair amount of time walking or riding around various hills on company time.

Lots of bitter people will argue that I've been lucky and they've tried to do AT and always got refused, but in my experience most of those are people who've expected someone else to do all the leg work for them. It is nigh on impossible to get decent AT when on a deploying platform, but many people don't grab the opportunity when it does arise. We put together a 3 week exped to New Zealand and struggled to get 7 volunteers!

Anyway, back on topic. The educational opportunities available to serving personnel are also very good and there for the taking if you're willing to do a little bit of leg work.

So in summary, I would recommend a career in the mob to a young free & single guy or gal and urge them to make the most of the opportunities available to them for self development. Would I expect my boy to do a full career like his Grandfather and I have done though? That's a more difficult question to answer. Once you have a family life in the mob has always been more difficult and our current problems are just exasperating that. I've got another 11 years left, but my current career path means the vast majority of it (or all of it if I don't get promoted) will be inboard. Would I stay if I was looking at back to back sea drafts like I was as a Senior Rate? Probably not.
Same old, same old. Get her TB done, work hard to pass her OPS check, get her CBRNDC TB done, always do more than the minimum, beware the "cool kids" who just want to loaf down the mess and whinge when they're graded B- Dev in their SJAR.

There are masses of opportunities to switched on ABs and LH if they're good enough to grasp them.

Mark Dip

Has she given FAA Warfare Aircrewman any thoughts. Dependant on her qualifications and aptitude for flying it may be worth considering. Not widely publicised yet, although the RNTM is out, that as well as a Direct Entry branch it is also fast tracking to PO wef 1st April 17. Providing training pipeline runs properly with no holds, Acting PO ACMN in around 2 and a half years will be the norm. Confirmed POACMN within 4 years most likely.
Places will naturally be competitive and there is FATS to pass at Cranwell for selection but all achievable for the right person.


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Welcome back @angry_mac , I doubt you'll need any pointers from me regarding joining but one thing you may have missed is there are advanced apprentice schemes for AE/ME/WE's joining with GCSE's and 160 UCAS points. Starting pay....£31,100.

<<<+1 for This. DE Tiff by another name. Not to detract from the obv benefits of modern day winch weight, Ray Ban selection and chunky watch grat issue pointed out by Mark (not to mention flying and diving pay, suncream allowance), but the old transferrable skills and normal desire to have a life outside once all that LSAP has lost its shine, plus the danger of CW or leaving to read for an engineering degree on you ownsome might swing it.
To be fair, Mac, I think you know more than most of us old gits about the service even after 4 years out, and you have the right approach of hands off guidance, all you really can do is help and ask good questions. You'll be surprised how much your many years of dits will have prepared her for life in the mob. We all look forward to a passing out phot, and I'm sure all the other lurkers will benefit greatly to hear how an insider gets on.

Ninj, whats the bonus on snaring a SuperTiff these days? Packet of Wine Gums and a Sherbet Dibdab?

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