So much for depoerting asylum seekers who commit crimes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Jan 30, 2007.

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  1. Send the ****** straight back , soon as he's done his time , bleeding heart liberals wont except it though ,twats
  2. Send him back immediately, just don't land, just drop him off over Somalia, just make sure there's nobody to catch him!! Or let him have 'Guilty Bastards to bathe' on the way.
  3. Looks like he will become one of the first Inmates of RAF Coltishall.Its to be a secure center for scum like this while they work out what to do with them!

  4. Meanwhile we'll be paying for his luxury that he will no doubt be getting while they work out what to do with him!!! :evil:
  5. Aye you could'nt make it up could you , :evil:
  6. Castrate the bastard and do gooders whilst their at it, and send him back. One can only live in hope!
  7. Twats should not be allowed out of the airport/ferry port. Some of them ditch their passports so they can't be identified. They and all the human rights muppets should be sent straight back where they came from :evil: :evil:
  8. This lifeboat of ours will only hold so many , whats the do gooders going to do then , they just cant see it can they , :???:
  9. In this country as soon as you do something wrong you are deported end of chat, and most people who have been lucky enough not to be put in a Thai jail are probably quite glad they got away with deportation. But in UK? Some dirtbag immigrant can either live on welfare and do what he wants or face the option of going to jail in the UK getting 3 hots' and a cot, TV, exercise etc.
    The UK has disapeared so far up it's own rectum thanks to our touchy feely politicians, knobbers.
    There is a stink at the moment cos they have tightened the visa rules here in Thailand, all the under qualified English teachers and people who were existing here on monthly tourist visas jumoing over the border to cambodia once a month are getting caught now. They are all dripping, but the bottom line is that they are just trying to weed out the scroates who they don't really want here. Why can't our lot do that? Why do they make it so hard for genuine immigrants to get a visa, but some asylum seeker can just waltz in for nothing and be pandered to. OK, gott stop now, veins' throbbing, rage imminent.

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