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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by thereverend, May 28, 2010.

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  1. I'm off on our kids stag doo in Manchester tomorrow. Not getting out of Hull much I have decided that I will take this as an oppurtunity to become a tourist for a couple of days and as such am arriving 8 hours before the rest of the party turns up. So far I'm planning on going to the Imperial War Museum North, the Lowry and there is a Da Vinci exhibition on at the Museum of Science and Industry.

    Does anyone have any suggestions of other places I should get myself to?
  2. The smoking museum. :p
  3. In the event that you suffer any gunshot wounds whilst in Manchester:

    Manchester Royal Infirmary
  4. The correct terminology is
    Hen Party
    Stag Run
    Duck Do
  5. Ah, I think I almost walked into something there.

    What's a duck do?

  6. :D
  7. Mate places to go are Deansgate, Castlefields, Oxford road, Printworks, and if you can handle it the gay village. But all the bars a pretty close to each other and I'm sure you will have a decent night out.
  8. Aye, Deansgate has been suggested to me by someone else too, so will probably have a coffee or two down that way near the locks I reckon. Weather permitting I suppose but I heard it was supposed to be another nice weekend.

    Heh, I wish I'd left that one open for someone else actually Joe :p
  9. Asian persuasion for me if it's getting paid for so find me a nice Japanese lass and I'll send you some pictures of her giving my hoop a dhobi.
  10. It will take you all day to do the Lowry and IWM, make sure you see Leonard Cheshires Medal Collection, The Art Gallery is well worth a visit :wink: Very cheap beer at Sachas Bar part of the Brittania Hotel, a bit of a dump but good to get some starters in £1.50 a pint
  11. We could both edit, and see who falls for it :wink:
  12. Rev

    I was in Manchester a while ago, but only to go to the City of Manchester stadium.

    Had I had more time, I would have checked out the Town Hall, which is of architectural significance and noted for its murals.

    When I have only a brief time in a city, I try to find a sightseeing bus tour to start with. I pick out two or three things I find interesting and go back to them once I get off the bus. I can't see a bus tour like it in Manchester, but the Tourist Office might know of one.
  13. That crossed my mind too :p

    Cheers for the link Sol, the town hall sounds like it could be pretty interesting.

    If, as Scouse suggest it will take me all day to do the Lowry and IWM I may miss the Lowry in favour of seeing that Da Vinci exhibit.
  14. That map's awesome Sol. Shame I don't have a printer.
  15. Reverend - Any Tourist Info Office at Manchester will have similar.

    Or attach it to an e-mail & send it to any friend who can print it out for you.

    (I could suggest Prescott - but he will be busy celebrating his enoblement along with 'Lady Pamela'. :roll: )
  16. If you mean that fat cunt that used to knock about with Blair, I actually saw him a week or so before the election. I was out running and I could hear the Rocky theme tune playing. Which startled me a bit as I had my earphones in. Now, at first I thought I was imagining it but as it got louder I took me earphones out and looked behind me. It was a mini bus playing it out of speaker mounted above the windscreen and the lardy twat was sat in the front seat jabbering shite out of a microphone over the top of it. I just hope it was meant in reference to that fella he jabbed in the face for lobbing an egg at him.

    On another Prezza related note, I once filmed him on Christmas Eve loading one of his Jags at the pick up point round back of Marks and Sparks. Was fuckin loads of it I can tell yer.
  17. Getting the tram out there is one of the things I'm looking forward to do. I'm intending to be a fully fledged tourist. Camera round neck, pictures of everything, bumbag, shorts and cap. Fuck it, I may even speak German to an unsuspecting passer by and pretend I'm looking for an non-existant place.

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