So it's back to Uni then, and Freshers Week for the over 60s

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by scouse, Feb 22, 2013.

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  1. And train in your spare time and at weekends.
    This coming from a fuckin twat who cant even attend Parliament more than 3 days a week.
    Best we all get brooms and shove em up our arses, so we can perform the proverbial "sweeping"
    What a complete and utter out of touch Tory gob-shite. I hope his mom and dad are still either working or better still dead so as not to see what a fuckin throbber junior turned out to be.
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  2. wal

    wal Badgeman

    He also has a face that only a fist would fit, as well as being pulled through with a pineapple.
  3. You don't have to go to uni to qualify for an orange apron. I was going to apply for job as greeter but some fcukin' German bloke with a halo beat me to it.
  4. It's a fuckin joke, you can't get jobs at 60 plus that you're qualified to do never mind retrain.
    They work on Miles per Gallon do employers.
    Why train a 60 year old on the premise he will either leave at 65/7 or die in harness and the process has to be repeated.
    When I tried out of pure boredom to find a job after my stabbing/heart attack the interview (which I had no trouble procuring) would go great until they got to the health questions.
    They have a friggin great list on most applications and rattle them off like a machine gun. As they finish the list and realise you said "yes" to one of the questions they pause and ask which one?
    Mention heart and see how fuckin quick your out the door, as if their expecting you to have a bastard in their office.
    I had 37 interviews in 15 months and had no offers at all except driving jobs which they can stuff.
    I took early retirement at 60 instead and work when I want now doing what I want.
    Most (not all) will start to experience health issues at 60 plus no matter how healthy you think you are as a youngster and they come usually from the least expected direction, and as a paramedic I saw hundreds of "surprised faces"
  5. I would guess there is a"cut off" for the age at which you would employ someone, need training and a degree of inteligence, under 30, bit of training, not very bright up to 55, if your son is the CEO between 55 and 60, and as my learned friend says over 60 forget it
  6. David Willets is known as 'Two Brains'...........fcuked if I know why.............sounds like a complete fcukwit to me....another own goal for this dogs breakfast of a government.
  7. Even being in possession of two brains does not guarantee there will be any CDF available.
  8. Stop complaining you old farts.
    I think that I may at the ripe old age of 67 consider starting a degree course, after al the government have just stated that age is no barrier to a student loan.
    Feck em lets all get loans which we shouldn't have to pay back as we will not get jobs.

    Student Loans For Over-60s To Go Back To Uni
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  9. forget it Slim,you'll never stand the pace in the Student's Union Bar at your age.
  10. I think thats flushed out of them at public school. Most ossifers I knew were ex-public school and many of them had similar characteristics.
  11. Fuck yeah,..I like where your going with this.
    If thousands of us apply and die without repaying, we could fuck it up for all the cunts who keep telling us were old farts and at the same time want to flood the country with all their ethnic oppos.
    When there's fuck all left they'll need friends in Romania to take them in and maybe give em a bowl of soup.
    Pensioner Power, I'm in.
  12. The bar is no problem, shagging ALL that young totty may be:laughing5:
  13. Do you hear the people sing.... Etc etc etc.
    Up the revolution!!!
  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Can you get the loan and by pass the Uni thing, which would after all get in the way of spending the money.
  15. Think I'll go and study "Earth Science" which seems to be 'lil bits of real degrees (the easy bits) bundled together to make you an expert in none of them so relatively pointless, right up my street TBH.

    There was some bint on the telly moaning she had an earth science degree and the only job she could get was shelf stacking.

    Serves her right for doing a dumb degree and having to pay for it (eventually)
  16. May be worth being a student again and oggling the young fanny at the student bars. Cheap booze has got to be an incentive.

    Never know may even get an 'ology' by the time I pop my clogs!!!!!!
  17. What like an apology
  18. I'd settle for one of them too!:toothy4:
  19. Does this mean that they'll actually be paying to go to University this time?

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