So it is to be the C version of F-35 that is bought.

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Normong_Gruntham, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. And so it should be, not the inferior STVOL version.
    However, that presents a problem does it not.

    It would seem that the RAF chaps are not too happy as it is about landing STVOL planes on ships. Well, being as how the PM has said that the air group will be provided by FAA and RAF aircrew, how will they manage to train people who find a problem with sucessfully landing on a non moble 5,000 foot long strip of concrete to do carrier landings with wires?

    Does this mean the return to an all Navy Fleet Air Arm?
  2. It's more likely to be F-18E/F with an option to buy a reduced quantity of F-35Cs later.

    If you look at photos of the old Ark, there seem to be an awful lot of crabs flying Phantoms/Buccaneers...

  3. Just give the fixed wing RAF assets to the Navy and then any of the rotary wing assets that the Navy doesnt want can go to the Army. tell the Crabs last minute they are now in the Navy and watch the expressions
  4. APN my bold!!!Mostly FAA Pilots a few Septics and a few Crabs to be correct :roll: Crabs dont like going to sea, they are prone to sea sickness,and get upset over the food and accomodation :lol:
  5. Well as it stands (and is likely to stay that way for some time) the B variant will only be capable of flying to the edge of enemy airspace(as long as it's beside the sea), therefore allowing the pilot to give the finger (as that is all it will be capable of carrying) towards said enemy.

    The pilot will have to fly in the buff and drop a load before takeoff(1's and 2's) to reduce weight.

    As a result of the F-35's stealth capability such an assault won't even be noticed anyway. :lol:
  6. It doesn't look as though we'll have to worry about fixed wing aircraft for another ten years by which time we'll no doubt be "getting" something completely different.
  7. :cry: We will all be 6ft under anyways, and the geezers who will fly off these white elephants , if they ever do, are at playschool at the moment !!
  8. And what effect will these 12 wonder jets have on an enemy ?

    (The intention seems to be a buy of 40, with one squadron of 12 on board the one operational full carrier [if it isn't in refit] which has room for 40 F-35s).

    Don't get carried away with fantasies.


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