So, is there still a 'greenies' branch?

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by Polycell, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. Does Collingrad still exist as a place for the training of greenies?
    Who does the electrical work on ships and boats these days is there an equivalent to the old Electrical/Radio electrical mechanic?
  2. Speaking as an ex-OEM who ended up MEA(LSM), real greenies of old are taught at Sultan in the Electrical training Group. Rea's and WEA's go to Collingrad which also teaches Comms and stuff since Mercury shutdown. Collingrad is also known as MWS (Maritime Warfare School)

    IMO real greenies, ET(ME)'s, go to Sultan but there again I'm slightly biased. Basically the ME greenies do the old OEM/OEA role
  3. I joined up as an JEM became an EM then LCEM, POCEL then POWE(O). I was a sonar maintainer but the writing was on the wall if I took up my Chiefs rate I would end up as a TI, hell no from electronics to greasing torpedo rails, so I left the mob.
    So who does sonar maintaining now, WEA or REA what about REMs are they also dead?
    So there is no Electrical branch anymore then?
  4. It's all changed bos. I was a WEM(R) post EBD. The new system is ET(ME) and ET(WE), there are no more Tiffs or Mechs. The current system is WE's are not streamed R or O (Radio or Ordanance) until they pick up their hook and same for ME's (M or L).

    So I suppose the answer is No there are no real Greenies anymore.
  5. My dad wanted me to join as a CEM, (or because of age a JEM) but the next entry was Jan '74. I couldnt be bothered to wait till then, so asks. can I join up earlier.......yes, as a jem(a) and go to G*ng#s in Oct. Found out 6 weeks later I was a wafu!!!>>????

    As it turned out they have also pissed around with the FAA trades over the years as well
  6. So who does the day to day 'greenying' jobs like lamping up, maintainance, batteries, comms , switchboard watchkeeping etc.
    So if I joined up today and wanted to do what I did in the early 80s ie sonar maintainer which way would I go? ie what would I join up as?
  7. Right shippers 2 good questions well asked.

    First off as to who does lamptramp etc, that is the ET(ME) branch, made up of the old MEM's both M & L and also MEA's of all flavours.

    To be a Sonar maintainer you would be an ET(WE), which was the old WEM's (O&R) and WE tiffs.
  8. Old WEM O&R! Gordon Bennett that was a brand new branch in the 80s.
    So what training does a ET(WE) dois it the same as a Tiifs training ?
  9. Polly

    No mate training for ET's is more on par to a watered down EM. Think of trying to go through OEM, CEM and REM part three all at the same time. They don't get a specialisation until LRQC, the Tiff/Mech type training is done at PO level.

    Must admit I much prefer the Mech type environment that pure Tiff, but think the mob will loose out some withour the old WEA's.

    This structure is across the board too, Stokers, WE's and WAFU's
  10. Hells teeth what is Second Sea Lords team thinking. From a system that worked ie CEM, OEM and REMs every one had clear define structured career path to WEM(O) WEM(R) and MEM(L) which had a sort of defined path to OMs and now ETs. Then they piddle about with the 'rig' so a metelot looks like a bag o'pooh no wonder no no one wants to join up!
    Bon chance to the greenies of the future.
  11. 170? 178? 2016? Polly? :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  12. Nope :roll: 2007,187,719,197,2018, 778, 183, 185 2004. :roll: :roll: :wink:

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