So i'm in year 12 (lower sixth)

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Sentenashi, Apr 25, 2010.

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  1. What time do I need to be starting my application for 2011 september entry to BRNC?
  2. Got it. *pulls on coat and walks out the door*
  3. I think you can start as soon as you like - there's an option to choose your preferred BRNC entry date on one of the 'big' forms.
  4. Nice, new guy with a sense of humor. rare thing. Itl stand you well during the application process. really i imagine you will be wanting to apply soonish as the wait times are hideous. have chat with careers officer maybe or NS and SM will be along soon to help on here im sure
  5. The AFCO guy told me they have people as young as fifteen enquiring about becoming an officer, so it seems to be the sooner the better mate!
  6. He's not new, he's been gimping about splattering threads with his NATO grade alpha helmetry for years.

    Just another attention whore that asks bone, dull questions when a visit to the AFCO would do it all.

    Ignore it and with any luck it will get off it's arse and actually go to the careers office and have his spaz questions answered properly.
  7. :roll: :roll: :roll: SC :oops: Sentenashi is an old RR friend his posts!!! might help you to form another opinion :wink:
  8. Aww, I love you too MLP. Always a compliment, eh.

    And to all the other people; I applied a while ago on the scholarship route, just wondering when to apply for no strings attatced direct entry.
  9. Dont bother Snotty to be!!!!! until your spelling has improved
  10. MY BAD.

  11. Go to the AFCO then you tool, instead of seeking attention with your dullness on here.
  12. Going to the AFCO takes time and money. This does not.
  13. Did you dip out on the scholarship? :roll:
    Try being less of a child when people yank your ever so obvious chain.
    As has been stated before in reply to your bone questions, not only in this thread, go to the AFCO and have a face to face with the nice man in the Blue Suit.

    PS Ninja _Stoker is available in the Mersey area and can be guaranteed to not laugh in your face, too much.
  14. Freephone AFCO?
    Oh sorry bit of effort involved. :roll:
    Sentashoite nominated for COTW.
  15. Not particularly proactive for a potential officer are you? As you can see at THIS LINK You can make an enquiry and they will call you, free of charge to answer all your questions in an OFFICIAL capacity.

    You're are going to have to work much harder and invest more time, effort and in many cases money if you are ever to recieve a commission.
  16. Sentenashi

    I know that you have been into the AFCO and met the ACLO already, but I would suggest e-mailing one of the CAs (e-mail address easily provided) to ask for a space on the Presentation scheduled for the week of your half-term. It will be a chance to refresh the knowledge you have already gained and to touch base and speak to them about your plans vis-a-vis your application.

    I'm recommending getting in there at half term A) Because you won't be at school that week and doing homework/revision and B) Because it all goes a bit crazy in the AFCOs once the school year finishes in July.

    In this case, the early bird does catch the worm.

    Once you have started the ball rolling by going to the Pres at half term, concentrate on your exams - don't get so excited about joining that you neglect those - and then get your application rolling properly once your exams are over.

    This gives you a good year to work your way through the application process, which is sufficient time.
  17. Think he has already won it along with his oppo Aaron P!!!! many moons ago
  18. I nominate Scouse for EMO-User OTW (Exclamation Marks Over-User Of the Week) award!(!!!...!) ;)
  19. Got the Tee shirt and Medal yonks ago on RR AWARDS :wink: :wink:
  20. 8)

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