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So I have decided Boats are the way to go


So I have decided to change my entry choice from surface warfare to boats. Despite originally being very nervous about the prospect of being drafted into the submarine service during basic training the more I looked into it the more I realised that I would much prefer working in submarines than on the surface.

Before I call up my AFCO however to confirm my change of heart I would be thankful if anyone could answer just a few small questions on the service for me.

1. Once you have been assigned to your first posting are you permanently assigned to that type of Boat. For instance if during my first posting I were to be sent on the Bombers is it likely I would spend the rest of my career on bombers with no chance of moving across to a fleet submarine.

2. Given the pressure change involved is the SETT not incredibly painful on the old ear drums and do quite a few burst ear drums happen during that part of training.

Many thanks in advance.


Lantern Swinger
1. My first boat was an 'R' class, 2nd an 'S' class, 3rd a 'V' class, 4th and 5th were 'S' boats. I have always wanted to be Faslane based and always have been.
2. No and No


All the boats will be based in Faslane by around 2015 and you'll have 2 to choose from; Astute or V boat. I'd get stuck into to a T boat while young, free, single and enjoy the delights of Plymouth (Guzz) before you settle down to the even better delights of Glasgow. I was lucky and had diesel boats in Dolphin, 3 x T and 1 x S; always preferred SSN ops to BN.

As for the SETT fudgepacker is right; you'll just do dry runs.


War Hero
Errr...what they all said!! ^^^^^

Pressurised runs at SETT have indeed been suspended. You now attend SETT for a course commencing on a Tuesday, finishing on a Thursday. Content will still cover all aspects of escape but there will be more about survival onboard and on the surface...which is nice.


Lantern Swinger
Hi Krellious, good choice! :thumright:

I'm joining up and going on the boats as well.

Do you have a start date yet?

I'm off down South 9th November.
:w00t: :w00t: :w00t:


War Hero
They are removing one of the best parts of submarine training. The SETT week in Dolphin was when all the sprogs start to feel as if they belong.

I felt my street cred went up a bit...not by much...but I felt it moved up a notch on the salty sea dog ladder.

A pity because the lads will be missing out on something secial!


Yes its a real shame thet the "Tank" is on its way out.Its more fun than a barrel of monkeys, civvies would pay good money to do it :thumright:
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