So how is the NHS coping with the end of military hospitals?


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And does this government hang its head in shame? It should be pilloried and the PM and his Health and Defence Ministers should be placed in the stocks.
F169 said:
And does this government hang its head in shame? It should be pilloried and the PM and his Health and Defence Ministers should be placed in the stocks.
It should not be forgotten that many senior RN officers were active in cutting the Medical Branch to save their own little kingdoms. Had there been more opposition by MOD staff officers to the destruction of the RN Medical Service we would not be in the appalling state we are today. They were told that one day they would shout "MEDIC" and there would be no reply. That day has come.


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Re: So how is the NHS coping with the end of military hospit

The thing that make me even sicker than what is happening to these heros.

Is the fact this isnt even in the top five news stories. Its behind tax on planes, how to drive without being a wanker and the fact the labour govenment is on its arse.
Just shows waht service people actually count for dosent it.


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Probably contract it out to a cleaning company on basic pay!

'Can't come now mate I'm on me break'
'But me mates in agony'
'Can't help that, I'm still on me break, and we only have one bandage a week and I used that yesterday!'


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The best thing they can do is keep Haslar open and return the RNMB back to its former glory!!


Re: So how is the NHS coping with the end of military hospit

Pissess me off big style it does , we get a lot of our peaple getting sent to the 2 theartres of war , It' a relief when I see there faces again , good friends , all of them , Bliar I woud'nt piss on him If he was on fire , :evil:
Perhaps hospitalised MPs should be dispatched to Selly Oak and share the wards with the servicemen. That could be an interesting event to observe. The neglect described in the Observer (11 March 2007) 1) HERE, (2) HERE and (3) HERE are part of a wider problem within parts of the NHS: the toleration of negligence by some staff of patients when they think they can get away with it. I have witnessed this first hand in my local hospital in Sidcup where nursing staff in one ward in particular put their evening meeting above the needs of their patients, some of whom were literally struggling to breathe (a nurse removed an elderly patient's oxygen supply just before their hour long meeting and changeover period - she had to wait until the meeting was over, much of which consisted of social chit-chat and ridiculing patients in the ward in the presence of visitors!). If a patient complained the nurse accused them of racism. I was shocked to actually witness a Jewish patient being threatened in this way by an arrogant junior nurse. If they are so open about mistreating elderly people then presumably they will have no qualms mistreating members of society whose behaviour they may disapprove of, like soldiers. Clinical staff who behave unprofessionally used to be disciplined. No more it seems. Well, IMHO we need to restore the ethical norms of 30 years ago! If civvy patients abuse service personnel, the civvy patients should be deemed to have discharged themselves with effect immediately - and take responsibility themselves for the consequences.
Re: So how is the NHS coping with the end of military hospit

I completely agree with AAC. Shameful though it is I do think that servicemen and women are simply getting the same standard of nursing care as most of the rest of NHS patients. I have witnessed intensive care nursing that couldn't be bettered in 3 cases of close relatives but in all cases that care significantly worsened when the individuals went into general nursing wards.

With regard to people openly expressing their disapproval of those perceived to support war again I'm not surprised. My brother works in part of the military/industrial complex and he and several of his colleagues no longer feel comfortable about wearing his work logo outside work especially in that part of the north of England where the factory is located.


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im sorry but i think those guys and girls deserve more. they each deserve first class service.

i have experince at Sellyoak and thankfully mine was not serious, but in the week i was there i saw and even experienced shit service and shit care

where else can you have no use of your leg and need to get about to be told you cannot as you need to buy your own wheelchair as there wasnt enough to go around.

its not a go at the nursing staff as they can only work with what they have, i even witnessed a nurse needing to ask a cleaner to help change dressings on one poor squaddies and some Flt LT picking up a soldier fort not having a shave (a few days after loosing his leg)

it made me laugh that the first thing they do when you arrive is ensure that you read and sign hospital standing orders, then take your details before any information or treatment is dished out
Re: So how is the NHS coping with the end of military hospit

According to the Surgeon General, Lieutenant General Smug Bastard, there is no problem at Selly Oak. So that's alright then. :roll:


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It was more interesting to listen to Simon Weston on ITV this evening, althouth I don't hold out any hope that his words will be listened to by those in their ivory towers
And Just where are the Admirals, Generals, Air Marshalls etc? Too chicken to say anything in case it upsets the pension pot, it is a disgrace the way the Armed Forces are treated in this country, not only health wise but in everything they do, My troops have a can do attitude, is the cry, the covenant is broken, and still M`lords say nothing, what a load of gutless leaders we have, one single Sailor, Soldier, or Airman has more guts than the lot put together. Bet a pound to a pinch that some wounded General wouldn`t end up in Selly Oak.

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