So few SE's in the FAA

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by HarveyMac, Feb 13, 2009.

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  1. So why are there so few na (se)s'? I have just got back from the RNAC (south) and was told there were roughly 150 se's currently serving in the FAA, one of the staff chief po smith was an se, seems like a fantastic job, but only 6 people get taken on twice a year!
  2. The majority of SE jobs have now been civilianised.

    There are now only 2 major air station in the UK. Only 3 CVS's.

    Not hard to see why there are so few. It has always been a small trade, seems it's even smaller these days. :?
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Simply because it's never been a big branch, there's only about 25 Petty Officers I believe & promotion is slow.

    We only recruit & train people into trades where there are vacancies - there is a direct correlation between the amount of survival equipment that needs maintaining & the amount of aircraft which we currently have.

    There's no point training people simply because that's a job they want to do if there's no job to be done at the end of the training pipeline.
  4. B4 I left the mob in '97, I knew everyone of my rank n trade
  5. :roll: but surely was in the 60/70s every RNAS had a safety equipment centre :wink: :wink: :wink:
  6. yep, but as the previous post says, we only have Yeovilton n Culdrose now. No fixed wing , so no parachutes etc
  7. I was told by an SE that his chances of a draft to VL were practically nil as the section was run by Civvy ex-SEs.
    I even met a L/H SE in HQ1 on HMS Ocean
  8. The Se trade is so difficult that much of it is carried out by those from other branches. in my day on a Lynx flight a NAM (AE) did the SE and the POAEM(R) was the supervisor. We tried to get the SE branch involved and suggestions were made that some could be carried on RFAs so that flights would not need to carry out the servicing but items could be exchanged.
    The SE branch soon side stepped that one.
    Not many wanted to go to sea, even in the comfort of an RFA :p
  9. I was one of them thar NAM(AE) that used to spend a whole night in the JR's dining room on board doing the MS5 checks. That wasn't so bad it was the cleaning up and getting rid of all the French Chalk before brekkie. (My supervisor was the PO Grubber, (Wasp Flt). :roll:

    SE's at sea. HA!!!!

    My son when making his mind up as to what trade asked me;

    Dad! What trade spends least time at sea.

    Easy one son - Survival Equipment.

    So thats what he did, joined as an SE. Left 7 years later and now whant to re-join. Guess what as?

    Yup - SE.
  10. As a nam a/e we had to cross train as a se rating, to get on a small ships flight, wasps etc, this was in the early seventies at Portland, cushy number though..
  11. Not really a cuchy number as a NAM(AE) on a flight who also had to cary out his own duties.
    Now a NAM(SE) that was a cushy number.
  12. No such creature!!! :wink:

    Twas NA(SE)



    But never NAM(SE) :roll: :wink:
  13. Thank you for the correction Waspie, at my age I sometimes get forgetful.
    My NAM(AE) on the Manchesters Lynx flight worked like a trojan.
  14. likewise mine on the Danae NAM(AE) PRITCHARD worst job on the flight :roll:
  15. So what am I looking at from my office window here then? Looks like a Harrier GR9 with an RN pilot climbing into it to me.....
  16. So no one has told you they glued a great big piccie of a GR9 over your window yet then!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  17. So Few, but they make crackin Dhoby Bags!!!
  18. I wondered why it was so quiet.
  19. Bet your in Nelson!!!!
  20. Behave! quick turn a round, check a few life jackets, cushy as was ever and a blue card thrown in....

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