So Are The Frogs To Be Trusted?

Some years ago the UK took 1200 illegal immigrants from France in a deal which saw Sangatte refugee centre close. The Frogs are now in the process of building a new centre. Now been as the convention is to claim asylum at first safe country, why is France failing to comply. I believe the reason is that we have a spineless government, now Gordon get off your fat arse and tell the frogs what to do with their immigration problem. We certainly should not have to deal with it for them. Bastards.

Sangatte II 'welcome centre' for refugees on their way to Britain will be built after all
Maybe the Frogs should ask Frau Merkel to build rthe new Camp,lets face it the Jerries have a history of building secure camps!


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Somebody explain to me please why refugees are apparently no longer required to apply for asylum on the first safe country they reach, which I have always understood was the position under the UN Convention. Surely once on French soil the only country in which they can claim asylum is France? Or have we been stitched up by Europe yet again? Or are we too feeble to insist on this point?

The ferry companies, Chunnel, lorry operatoirs etc should be made struclty liable for the full costs of anyone they transport into this country illegally. It mught sound harsh but you'd be surprised how soon they learned to hop about and fix their problem.
I dont understand why they arent just returned to country of origin when they arrive here.Just put them on the next ferry etc back to France they they do the same etc etc.
My son's working at a distribution centre at the moment and he's one of the few there who actually speaks English the rest being polish or some other far off distant land.
look! We don't like them and they have never liked us,end of story.
Perhaps we may have got on better if they had won a battle or two.
They are cowardly tossers who only waged war against inferior opposition until they miscaclulated with the Cong.
It's the old story British troops wore red uniforms to stop other troops seeing blood and tremble,French troops wear brown uniforms.
Having said that they are insular and proud of it.
Every month they blockade a street and round up every illegal immi.and they get booted out no matter who says what.Here we would have all the civil rights like that Shaky arse woman,and that Solicitor Pierce woman who looks like a train smash ,so they do have some good ideas.

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