SNP win a majority in scottish parliament.............

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by JJ1, May 6, 2011.

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  1. JJ1


    So there will be a referendum on independence in Scotland at some time in the next 5 years. If the scots were to vote in favour of independence, what would the possible implications be in relation to the royal navy? Especialy with reguards to the V class subs, would the home port have to be relocated. I ask this because from what i've heared the SNP are very anti trident
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    More importantly where does the money come from to run a fully independant Scotland?

    You may find that they can afford to be anti nuc. until they have a say in the matter and have to explain to the electorate the financial implications of shutting Faslane down.
  3. If it stops Finks' never ending rants about Cameron & Co it could be an ideal worth persuing. :protest:
  4. I doubt very much if the SNP will go ahead with a referendum on splitting up the union, the chances of it being successful are very slim indeed and a no vote would finish Salmond.
  5. Photo finish for those two posts, Finks
  6. Simple really,

    bring jobs to Guzz for the sub base and jobs to Pompey for the refits and leave the sweatys to their own defence.

    Will also mean they will no longer have free prescriptions and university s for themselves and us paying for it.

    A winner all round for the English especially.
  7. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    As we (the English) BOUGHT Scotland in 1707 (when its 'independent' government had bankrupted it), Scotland is our property, and has no right to ponce about pretending it it is entitled to be 'independent'.
  8. The Scots breaking away from the rest of the UK and doing their own thing has a great deal of appeal to me on many levels.Not least that should that happen the labour party would struggle to get a massive majority in the Westminster parliament again and the Scottish MP's will no longer be able to vote for things to happen in England that do not apply north of the border.Bring it on I say.Go on Scots you know you want to.
    PS as an afterthought would that mean they would want their loss making banks back again?
  9. Woah, woah, woah.

    The Porridge wogs get to vote? It'll be women next. Pah
  10. If the SNP do press ahead with the independance question, perhaps the English could also vote at the same time if they want to remain in a union with Scotland. The results from both sides of the border could make for some interesting reading.
  11. Does that mean we can stop paying all our cash to them and they will move out of Berwick?and can the new carriers be built on the Tyne and Liverpool or wherever in England.
    They go on about North Sea oil so they can have all the oil found in future within the 12 mile limit.
    They will be on a loser and they know it.
  12. I think the referendum will be held off -- the money from the Westminster Parliament is too attractive and is also needed
    for the various perks we get up here like free prescriptions etc etc.The Scots parly has a mandate for tax raising powers if need be
    something like 3p in the pound collecting it would be a very expensive exercise and also possibly cause mass migration of the
    English and other nationals living and working here!
    As for the defence contracts at Rosyth and the base at Faslane they won't be touched --too many people working at them.

    North Sea oil has passed its sell by date --still there but needs more investment .The conservatives have just slipped the
    operators a tax rise so be ready for a wind down --profit and loss margins getting a serious eyeballing. Norway is not so far away
    from the fields and oil transfers need not be brought to Scotland .

    Also ------------like as been said--we own the scottish assembly [the correct name for the ''parliament''] Scottish Office still exists
    and the Queen is the head of state. So the old Braveheart wish is looking a bit shaky.

  13. MSP = Member of the Scottish Parliament.
    AM = Assembly Member (in Wales).
    MLA = Member of the Legislative Assembly (in Northern Ireland).

  14. It would seem a veritable plethora of Grade 'A' :slow: Bawbags are oot & aboot the nicht...would it not....all jogging along nicely....:rolleyes:
  15. If it means we hear less of the awful bagpipe and see less silly frocks then so be it!
  16. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    It is good to see all the "unionists" from south of the Border bumping their gums about Scottish Independence. :-D

    Couple of points to remember:

    a. Cameron will be working "tooth and nail" to keep the Union.
    b. The fact that so many of Scots voters gave their vote to SNP does NOT mean they want independence! They just think SNP are doing a better job for them and for Scotland than Labour could do. Thankfully - it has been a long time coming.
    c. So many keep going on about English money being paid to Scotland without taking into account the amount of money that moved southwards into the Treasury. Why on earth do you think Tories want to keep Scotland in the Union, when if Scotland gained their independence then the Tories would be the party in power for decades to come?

    Have a think about the consequences of any split before taking drastic action.
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  17. What he says.
  18. Argumentative mode OFF, please explain where all this southbound money is coming from, because if you are saying "Oil Revenue" then I would resonate to the sharpe intake of breath.
  19. Sussex - you know MUCH more than me about men in silly frocks, especially in Brighton! :slow:

    Personally, I sometimes wear a kilt (falda [skirt] Escoses here in Spain, but not frock) when going to formal functions, as I used to in the UK and even in the Mess whilst serving. :blob4:

    Some bagpipe music is good............. OK, evocative then! :boogie:
  20. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Two that come to mind are taxes on spirits for all the whisky that is exported - don't forget if we break away, you lot will have to pay Scotland duty for our whisky :) : and also taxes and income from the financial sector, which is not solely concerned with RBS and BofS. Billions move through Edinburgh's financial institutions.

    There is of course, also the tax which is raised by the tourism industry which finds its way south the the Chancellor plus many many other areas of tax generation. There are huge amounts of paper and bandwidth generated in the detailing of the various monies but I can't be arrsed looking for and linking to.

    Instead of raising yet more questions, why don't you just try answering the ones raised in my first post.



    P.S. There are huge amounts of oil and gas off the Scottish coast in the Atlantic - I don't suppose the Chancellor would like to get his hands on the revenue from that. Added to this is the people saying the oil and gas was shutting down because of the taxes imposed by Cameron - what if Salmond reduced those taxes to the oil companies? Still shut down?
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