SNP Arrogance?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by dapperdunn, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. Sturgeon has been saying on the news this morning, that they will vote on and against an English only bill, to teach the "arrogant Government a lesson"

    The conservatives are trying to bring the law into line with the law already in place in Scotland.

    Who is the arrogant one?

    If there was a bus to get on, I'd be on it!
  2. Time for the Conservative government which of course now has an overall majority to put the lound mouthed Scottish witch back in her wardrobe.
    Bring in a law stating any rulings related purely to the English & Welsh can only be voted on by English and Welsh members.
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  3. There is!

    You might need this ticket though:

    Offended Bus.jpg
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  4. What she needs to do is look and vote on issues that will affect Scotland not just say no because Westminster says yes? Those kinds of school playground attitudes, you are not my friend, will take her eyes of Scotland and the people that voted her in, therefore, doing her own country a dis-service. Always said she would be trouble.
  5. Cheers Dredd. I'm onnit like a car bonnet :)
  6. She's not an MP though Sumo.
  7. So she is head of SNP but not an MP? Strange, is she still allowed in Parliament to vote as head of a party?
  8. [WAH shield up]

    No - the SNP leader of choice Alex Salmond (we suspect Nicola was supposed to just keep the seat warm for him as Swinney did before but turns out she is somewhat eclipsing him at the moment) used to be both MP and MSP, but when there was the chance to become First Minister he dropped the MP bit sharpish. Oor Nicky was always an MSP, while Alecky boy has gone from MSP to MP again.

    In the meantime, the SNP have swept the board in the last General Election which means that we have an unusual position where the key organ grinder has remained at the Scottish Parliament while the dancing monkey, Angus Robertson, purportedly runs the MPs in Westminster as their "leader". The reality is of course that he simply does what the fragrant one tells him - just like the other 55.

    Therefore, although she has no vote, she directs them from the bunker deep in Gordon Lambs House, Auld Reekie.

    [/WAH shield down]
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  9. Thanks Dredd
    Funny stuff this politics is, never really understood it, looks like I will not try too hard, it will make my head hurt.
  10. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    It really is a fairly simple concept, yet one that Cameron serms unable to take on for some reason: when Saint Nicola says something, all Cameron has to do is say "Yes Ma'am" and just get on and do it! :D
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  11. Thing is this is a relatively minor issue in Parliamentary terms. Is the real issue that she is blowing this up so that Cameron et al will over react with more references to EVEL legislation, etc? This would allow her to go to the Scots with a hurt look on her face; "look what the nasty English are saying, they're changing the rules, this isn't what you agreed to, they want more EVEL, they are ignoring Smith, we need another referendum!".
    Over simplification but you get the idea, make a mountain out of an unimportant molehill so that a reaction occurs, job jobbed.

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  12. I think we've all realised what the Scot Nat's plan is. Make yourself a big pain in the arse and sooner or later you'll be asked to leave the room. Plenty of mock offence taken as the poor wee Scots are being bullied by the nasty English and we want to leave the union. I think if we give Ms Sturgeon enough rope she will talk herself into a corner and take the rest of her party with her.
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  13. Holy f**k, don't tell St Gerry of Adams that. What was the last 30 years of murder and mayhem all about then?:rolleyes:
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  14. No fan of the SNP but I suspect that she is just sending Cameron a message that contrary to what "call me Dave" probably believes, he is not master of all that he surveys.
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  15. The bitch is going to cause more damage to her beloved Scotland than ever she can do to England.
    She may be a big bitch in a little ring but when she gets in the UK Big Ring the big bitches will tear her to pieces
  16. I recently Watched Mhari Blacks maiden speech in the house of commons, where she goes on into great detail about a man she had befriended fainting on a bus on his way to a job centre interview as he had not eaten for 5 days as he had to save to attend an interview, he was 15 mins late and was sanctioned for 13 weeks, but, then I read this

    It seems the young Ms Black is not adverse to taking a page from wee krankies book of 'embelishments'. Just as a matter of interest, how much are bus fares in Scotland?
  17. I think the fare from Edinburgh to Scotland is £3.25.
  18. Every days a school day, I was under the impression Edinburgh was in Scotland.
  19. By a staggering coincidence the fare from Cardiff to Wales is also £3.25
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  20. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    How much from Westminster to The Real World?
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