Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by sara21, Jan 5, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys
    I am a keen Snowboarder, been riding freestyle for the past 4 years, competing at national university level. What opportunities are available for boarding while serving?
  2. If you can hurtle downhill without breaking your neck you will be a star for the RN team. Jolly to switzers for the week, etc. dig in ! :lol:
  3. Sara, the RN Ski champs take place in a weeks time in Les Menuires, France. There is obviously boarding aswell, this is where new blood is found - You!! I tink if you searched for RNSki you would be able to get some contacts
  4. Awesome, gives me an reason to dig in and keep hitting the dry every week.
    Another question- If i enjoy a sport which is not popular AT ALL is there a chance i can introduce this (or at least suggest)
  5. The last time I was out at the RNSki, it was becoming V popular, and if memory serves me correctly they do have dry slope champs in the UK, I think later in the year ???
  6. nice one i wouldnt mind doing a bit of boarding again, used to go to a place by me but it closed : ( , they never made any cash because the staff never charged us!I take it if your good enough the navy sponsor you me hopes???kind of lacking a board - slight problem!
  7. how tall are you? i am selling some old used gear and would give a RR reg a good deal. I would be more than willing to send it your way if interested! :p
  8. hey i'm 1.69 but im ok 4 gear thnx i've got a board i borrow off my m8 sometimes as hes an instructor even though he is 2 shoe sizes smaller than me or i just hire 1 if he's using it, the only place i rate going to is tamworth snowdome and with me living in wales i dont get up there that much at all : ( going to get back into it tho been getting over shin splints and then a dodgy knee hasnt helped,too much drunk joggin home, all good now tho yey!

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